Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Itacare and beyond

Peek a boo...i see you!!!

So i go out for a quiet one and ended up coming home around 6am, so i'm watching Led Zepplin, then the crazy guy puts on AC/DC, i have a beer, i'm talking to the 2 women next to me, the older one from Brasilia was a laugh, she ended going home on a moto taxi, with me shouting 'Rock and roll' (of course), then me (like an idiot) goes with the crazy guy to the next place.

But of course, he's mad and with most people ignoring him on the street, maybe other things too?

One part of the night, i pass some guys hanging out and it sounded like some guy getting beaten to death in a house, but the boys thought it was funny as it happens all the time, he does blow and whips himself, i couldn't believe it!!!

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