Sunday, 11 October 2009

Itaunas, i forgot to tell yea, your sexy, like a door

Brasil, take back the quote 'He's sexy as a door', cos i found one!!!

Photos are the Itaunas, camp ground owners work

Videos are from kids playing cricket in Itaunas

So i went to go North, to Itaunas, from Vitoria, had problems with getting cash at the bus station, i had time, so i went for a walk, no joy there either, so i had my ticket, so off i went anyways, thinking i could get money at the town before Itaunas, wrong, i look online to see about 8k missing from my credit card.

I call my bank to tell them this and the chick asks me 10 times if, i'm sure i want to cancel the card, yep i'm pretty sure i have to put an end to the cocaine and hooker party thats been going on, in my honor!!

Girls playing too???

As a chair?

Heard the camping owner have big arguements with his missus, and i was thinking will he have angry make up sex later, 100% probability, my mind says!!

Giant fork and something?

We crew

A small black dog was following me around in Itanuas and i was reminded of the dog in Yelapa that was adopted by an American and ended up in Beverly hills, not this fellow and i thought of the dog Sultan, that myself and D started calling some other name, he was a great dog and he got rid of all the ferral cats, oh, i suppose cat lovers can laugh now, not them!!!!

So anyways, after a nice weekend, it's back to Vitoria for me, so i can sort out my sortable problems (the other ones i'll continue to ignore, maybe they will go away?)

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