Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Just stroke yer mobile, with a bit of luck, it might vibrate

On top of Pica Bandera, with the scarf of some guys sister, i have no idea why he gave it to me, i had 2 on already!!!

Thoughts this week
- Brasilians think they are going to die if they dont eat rice and beans for lunch, i get it, i get it!!
- What ever happened to the days when George Bush would come to town and they would block all the streets and boats (in Sydney) and no one could go anywhere.

Now when Obama comes to town, some little old lady gets constipated, are little old ladies spoiling all the fun?

-And if you dont do that, your missing out on the best things in life......'What like jackiing off in a 1 bedroom apartment, in front of a picture of the Virgin Mary?'

- Well, if i wasn't making an ass out of me, i'd be making an ass out of you, get it 'Me and You?'

-Who said that? I said that, who are you?, i mean, Woof, Woof, woof!!!

-Lennon and Mc Carthy were the musical eqivalent of Rice and Beans in Brasil

-Jesus Christ, i think i'm developing terrets syndrome, that, or, either, i'm a preacher, maybe Jesus reincarnated, either way, things dont look good for the next 2000 years

Scoreing in Brasil!!!!

-Tiago met some woman and she said 'Do you ever feel alone?', he said 'Look around', she gave him a present of the new testament, she thought he spoke to god, he meant he would say Hello' and he spoke to real people......gawd!!

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