Thursday, 22 October 2009

Keeps me up on the lowdown

Menu from the swimming pool bar, Moho de sao Paulo

Food from Bahia


Pititinga (Fried little fish)
Mocoto (Boiled cow hoof)
Feijoada (parts of the pig the slaves got, gives you lots of energy for working, football, fucking)

Thank you England, your not all bad people, things certainly have been looking up since Margaret Thatcher left office and looking up they is, well i'm looking up any ways, after all there are no shoes on my feet.

Just got to Morro de sao Paulo and my English friend Mark i met last night gave me the low down on Morro de sao Paulo

So i've negotiated the first 3 nights for 75 hais, Saturday will be a 100, so i'm out on Saturday, i'll go back the way i came, the way the locals go and go north to the next place (and space is the place)

Jazz, Gustavos dog in Porta Seguro

I took some time to meet the locals running the Pousada, Johnny + Nely, so now i might be able to get away with more than most, most of the people dont bother to say hello and already i'm invited to fried shrimp on Saturday and they showed me the cheapest place in town to eat my favourite food 'Beans and rice' [ Pauses to eat my favourite food]

Porta Seguro

It's true, it's true and it gets better and better!!!

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