Saturday, 10 October 2009

So, i wake up in Itaunas...minus my bag, er...where is it?

My hero of the day in Itaunas

So i wake up in my tent, one fine morning, and i look for my bag (the small one), nope it's not there.

Now, i'm in a small village, i am the only gringo, with tattoos, some one must have it, some one must know where it is.
It has my notebook (English), my novel (English), 2 USB sticks and Camera, i'm the only one it belongs to.

So, i call into the bar where i watched the football the night before, the guy in there doing work knows about as much as me.

So, i'm sitting outside the supermarket thinking some one must know, 2 women walk past and one says 'I have your bag' and then i remember i was going back the night before and i met a guy that spoke Spanish and he said 'Slainte' as i was leaving him, so then i said, 'Dude i have to buy you a beer'

So i bought a beer, had a small pastery to eat, left my bag with a local, i got the bag back, with the camera, notebook and novel, they are all there.

The girl (pictured above) told me the guy i had the beer with was going to go looking for me with the bag, and it was just as well as he took 2 USB keys and my torch, anyways i was happy to get the camera back, i was lucky, but how long would this 'Camera luck' last, not long i can tell you!!

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