Saturday, 17 October 2009

Take me down to the river and over to Arraial d’Ajuda

So, one fine night we are going to dinner, 1 Brasilian, 2 Germans a French guy and me, then an America comes over with 2 Brasilian chicks and asks us if we want to come to the Foho concert in Arraial d’Ajuda.

I'm not hungry, this seems like a good idea, France comes too, excellente, he had a camera, we took some good photos!!

Viva La Vida!!!!

Dont know if i posted this quote, but it's on of my favourite from Tiago
In Brasil they say if you look at the moon and you see a rabbit, your horny and you are going to get laid, there wasnt a full moon when we went to Arraial d’Ajuda, was this going to be a problem, i did eat a lot of salad?

So anyways back to Arraial d’Ajuda, and there are 2 times that are good to go, day time and night time, i went both times and it was great!!

So got there, just before all the Gringos get there, October is the busy month, and in front of some restaurants a band was playing, Casey is dancing it up, for a fella from Texas to dance like that, it's hard to believe, then he starts to play the drums, the drummer is dancing with the girl behind us and we are taking photos with the drummers hat, what a laugh!!

So after some amazing dancing, the band finish, a local guy, all cracked up, with his drum comes in and sings his songs, and he was really REALLY good, after he does a few requests, he's giving us a few renditions by the footpath later, we give him some money, amazing sounds he was getting from a battered drum!! ....all CRACKED up!!

Cracked up dude

So then we jump in the car and we are off to another street party and the dancing is the most incredible i have ever seen, there was one guy dancing with about 5 chicks at once and at another time, like in capoeira, girls were jumping in every 10 seconds to dance with him, a lot of old guys were dancing with hot chicks, so if your old, get down with the Brasilian dancing scene and things might start to look up, for you (and pop some Viagra if you like!)

Casey from Austin, feels a bit peckish, we just missed the ferry, so we had to wait, he's buying everyone 'Mistis' (grilled cheese sandwitches), they are 3 Reals each, he tries to get 4 for 10, the guy says no, Casey says the guy over there sells them for 2 Reals each, the guy says no, Casey pays up.

Myself and Joaquim use so much garlic sauce and chilli sauce, the guy wasn't too happy, i'm told, h

Fabia's cousin is telling us how she wants to meet for love and all of that on the way back, i'm saying thats ok, i have 5 kids and my wife is ok with it.

So next morning, we get home, i'm locked out, so i sleep at L'Orange's place, L'Orange sees me next morning, i tell him 'It's ok, we're in love', he seems to understand.

And of course, we had to tell people were 'Rich and single', last night i told a trans sexual hanging out at a street bar that Joaquim was 'Rich and single', he RAN!!!

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joe said...

héhé man, perfect description, couldn't have done betta..
Right now taking care of the dog, hands in the shit and legs in the piss.. How difficult it is to be a good neighboor..
Take care man.

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