Friday, 9 October 2009

Uma cerveja Y Chop aqui

This guy was really drunk, but he could play pretty well

I went to Panthers bar and said the title to him, wile pretending to not know what it means, he says that to people all the time, but what does it mean, it's 'One beer and suck it', he collapsed laughing, oh we laughed.

Tiago would translate for people in the restaurant, on time a guy went to the manager and said 'I would like you to fuck me in the ass on Saturday night, i am going to the church on Sunday' Manager shouts 'TIAGO!!!!'

- I'm surrounded in contravercy, when all i really need is a warm blanket

- My buddy 'Fucking Fred from France' recommended me as a verified member, on couchsurfing, i can be trusted, do believe it? Trust me baby (if an Irish guy says that to you, run, run, run!!!!)

- Tiago was telling me i Brasil, they say 'You can only sell what you got', now ehat the hell do i have to sell? Looks, charm....besgt of luck, tha boat sailed ages ago!!!

- Just saw 2 dogs making love on the street, it was so beautiful, i nearly cried.....laughing, they were gay dogs, i ciced one of them in the nuts. That will lear them for comeing around here, dragging down house prices.

As Tiago said, the guy at the back is getting fucked by the wall, well this is Brasil, i guess, when in Rome?

- Tiago was teling me about a Mexican couch surfer who would tll people, 'If you masturbate?' Your out!!

If anyone has a spare 10k that they dont need, ever and they could like to contribute tomy life of leisure, i sure ould appreciate it

If you got reincanated as a dog, i would get my mum to feed you, i would brush you nearly every day and take you for walks sometimes and let you hump my leg and everything.......PLEASE????

- All i said was he sored s loud the kids selling crack on the street were complaining,those kids have feeling's too!!!!

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