Monday, 26 October 2009

Uma mais dia en Morro del Sao Paulo

Photos were taken around sunrise time

So one more day on Morro de Sao Paulo, for sure, i will leave tomorrow, no excuses and go towards Salvador, hopefully i will make it to the village near the airport and then it will be ' Fuckin' thanks Brasil, Germany, please dont bore the shit out of me.

Some of the highlights:
Hanging out with the crazy Mr (cartoon character) Smith (i was laughing just looking at him), 'It's cool, it's's the power!!!' And DJ Alex from Argentina

The other night Sofie (from Spain) and myself had a private concert (electronic), courtesy of Mr Smith, i was dancing in the rain, if it rains, the wetter the better, work before pleasure, very cool night, the power was out for a few nights so the locals played Samba, very cool, it's the power!!

So one day i wake up and i wonder where my new Havianas are and just then right outside the pousada owner walks past with my sandles on, they were way too big for him, i told him they were mine, he didn't want to give them up, i told him twice too, i told him not to worry i would buy more, but i told him i know they are mine, fucker!!!

So we went to Dizzys restaurant, good food, the woman cooks food with love and loves life, great place to hang out, someone said she found a lot of gold years ago and she is very rich, i just dont know.

Mr Smith was telling us about Israelis the other day, 'Israeli guy, how much?' How much?', Fuck off Israel! He kept this up for 10 minutes with hand gestures, fuckin classic!!! I laughed so much!!!

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Morro de São Paulo said...

Wow! Nice experience, yes? On a nice island!

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