Sunday, 4 October 2009

Well, enough about me. Let's talk about you. What do you think about me?

The life, but not as you know it

So the girls in Vitoria, tell me to Itabuna, so i go, it's amazin, you should eat the fish and all the rest of it, so i do, i'm running low on cash on the way there, so i dont worry, and worry i dont,i cant get money at the bus terminal, but who cares, the next place will do, the next place?

No money, so i go for the weekend, then the plan is to go back to Vitoria, the last night, i meet a guy, he seems cool, speaks Spanish, says 'Slainte' when i'm leaving him, we leave, bu my mind is like 'You gotta buy that guy a beer', so i buy him a beer, we have a beer, i go home, to my tent, one beer too many.

A guy pulls up with Chewns

So the next day, i wake up minus a bag, so i go to the supermarket and wonder 'I'm the only gringo in town, someone as to have my bag', i have an english book in it, notebook, in, english (but you wouldn't understand) ad a chick walks past and she says 'Oh, i have your bag', i already said to myself, if my camera and notebook is in the bag, i dont care and it was.

The holy Owl

So, the next day, the chick is telling me the guy that i bought a beer for was going to go looking for me with the bag, but she said 'No, leave it here', just as well, cos, he stole 2 ?USB Keys and my flash light.

Oppurtiunity creates the thief, and so it goes......all over the world, and who cares? Not the cops, so dont go to them!!

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