Thursday, 1 October 2009

You are invisable, do you drink Vodka?

Jim Morrison, arise from the dead, everyone else is boring the shit out of me!!!

Videos are from Itauna

Ok, here are some 'Little things' i wrote down, only because it seemd like a good thing to do at the time

Jovita was telling me 'Women are crazy', hmmm, it would make sense? (I'm just glat to be not the only one, and i might try talking to more women, if this is the case?'

After hanging out with Marcio for 2 daze, he was speaking english and could hold down a conversation, when i left (the second time) they are sending messages to each other in English, i cant be that good, can i?

Tiago was telling me the difference between a friend and a best friend is a best friend will always fuck you over.

Example: You tell your best friend you like a girl, he tells you she's not right for you, then he will try and have sex with her. Hmmm, i dont think i have too many best friends if this is the case, i not too worried either :)

Kids playing Brasil, WTF?

If you tell Danish chicks you dont know how Ireland was invaded by the Vikings, it's like being invaded by the Smurfs, they will look for any reason to complain about you to management, try it if you dont believe me?

Tiago was telling me in Boston, all the Celtic basketball players are black, all the cheerleaders are white, i guess Michael Jackson was right when he said 'It dont matter if your black or white'

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Did i really said that?? i am so proud of myself sometimes, ...

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