Monday, 12 October 2009

Your very unlucky, but i think your very fortunate

Quote is from my couch surfing friend Gustavo

Photos are from Itaunas

So i leave Vitoria, after getting 600 Euro sent, that i dont need now, since my other bank card needed to be activated, this was done and Kieran was back in the business of being happy again.

So i waved goodbye to Vitoria, to Tiagos family, he called me to say goodbye, he saw the amount of beer cans i drank after coming home from hanging out with Marcio, the next morning and thought i could be dead, i on the other hand, felt fresh as a Daisy, Daisy Duke? No!

So i got to Porta Seguro, a bit tired, got a Posada and went for a walk, hung out with some locals near the Alcohol avenue, had a few cocktails and got to know some locals and they got to know me too.

So next day, i realise my bag, is missing and thats another story, and i try calling couch surfers, i call the first guy, he says he'll meet me now, i give up waiting after an hour and a half, the next day i meet the other couch surfer, Gustavo, and i hit gold!!

So i meet up with Gustavo, hang outside his kite surfer friends shop, go to a bar, i get back late to my Pousada, the next day, Gustavo collects me and i move to his place, very nice, pool, all mod con's, Porta Seguro is starting to look up.

So after a week and a half, the flight home is on the 14th, it could be time to go more North, towards Salvador, more beaches, more couch surfers, more fun? I would settle to get home alive, these night lifes are killing me, all the going out will end, one day.

So, the days here consist of hanging out, walking the dog, Jazz, hanging out and nothing else, i discovered a 6 Reals rice and beans restaurant, AWESOME!!!

I was telling Fabia's cousin about it last night in the car to the Foho concert, she laughed, she probably was indicating, there wouldn't be a good place to bring her on a date and now i'm off to bring my French friend Joaquim there, life is good!!

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