Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Zoolander, you've lost all your appeal, what happened?

Just watched Zoolander and it wasn't as nearly as funny as when i last saw it, maybe i've changed? I hope not.

On Moho de Sao Paulo, i wasn't going to drink one of the first nights, but a thunder storm moves in and it bucketed down for 3.5 hours and since the nearest stall sold them it was Caprianas the whole time and then down to the second beach having a blast with some chicks from Sao Paulo and some chick from England, if memory serves me, didn't go on any tour except for walking up and down the main beaches, getting somewhere and did i get there!!

Met 2 Aussies Tegan and Dave, many beers, no photos or videos, whats the problem? I'm reminded of an English guy i met in Bolivia, he told me after travelling it's great going back to Australia, i would have to agree!!!!!

Aussies are my kind of people!!!!!

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