Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Psy Trance night

So, Darrell and myself met up and went out, the first time for Chinese and came back with a burger and chips, so, here's how it went, we went round the corner to the Chinese, and calls are coming in, the guys taking the orders haven't a clue what they're up to, we wait and wait and then we cant wait no mo, and we go next door and then what happens again? Oh yeah we order a burger and chips and coke, very cheap too)

Manglement of Eddie (rip off) Rockets, are you paying attention? Later as the grease is being absorbed into our system (for the lack of a better word) we wish we waited longer, i told Darrell we could have came back and rang in the order, cos they weren't serving anyone any other way, or even stepped outside the shop!! That would have been funny!!

Off we went to the party, i saw the last 30 minutes of Ireland V France, Darrell was up first DJing and to my suprise it was actually good, i liked it, but not like dancing good, but interesting, then the Portuguese guy wanted to DJ and kicked him off after the crowd were warmed up, and things went downhill from there.......shite!!!

Later i went to a house party, i got some takeouts, 3 big cans of Carlsberg for 3.30 pounds, compared to the 'Rip off Republic', this place is cheap!!

There were lots of Interesting characters at the party, lots of Leather, one guy must have been at least 50, all punked up, i was amused, aroused, no!!

Next day Darrell was off to his Medical testing clinic, we set our alarms fro 8am, when we got back at 4am and when we wake up, i'm still very tired and an alarm is going off and i'm thinking 'Would he ever turn that fuckin alarm off, it's doing my head in!!', Until Darrell reaches over and turns off my alarm!!

Oh how we laughed!! Every 5 minutes the alarm on my phone would announce the time, the time is 8.05, the time is 8.10 and on and on...........

It was a good way to wake up, laughing!!!

I said goodbye to Darrell as he went off to have people try their MS drugs on him for 3 days and i checked into one of my favorite hostels Archies, near Queens Uni and Belfast, i was out on the prowl!!!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

I hit the streets of Belfast and here's what happened

Photos are from the house party on Saturday night

So, i checked out the area around Queens, i love it, i love it!!!

Went to a local bar to watch the Rugby, pints 3 pounds, very cheap.....compared to south of the border.

Later that night i go back and there are heaps of chicks all dressed up, like they are going to a club a chick i was talking to said 'You'd like a bit of that' and truth be told, i wouldn't have said no to a bit of her, so i said, 'Is there a club near here?' and she laughs, chicks on a Sunday dress up like that, going to the PUB!!! Unbelievable!!!

Oh how we laughed!!

So, it wasn't all the pub, i went to a few movies too in the Queens Film Theatre, i saw Chevolution

Goodbye Solo

and something else................? Cant remember, i'm getting old, whats your excuse?

Monday, 23 November 2009

Made it to Belfast, coz.......thats where i was going

Photos are from the Crown bar, Belfast

So, i'm in Belfast and as it turns out, i come out of the bus station, i get directions for the town hall, i'm walking and across the road, i spot the Crown bar, so in i goes, and i'm thinking if the guy that gave me directions see's me going in, he'll think i was only taking the piss!!

So in i goes to the most bombed pub in the country, opposite the most bombed hotel in Europe (thats one of the attractions of the place), yep, this is Belfast, the price is right and the people are really cool!!

The crown bar

So, some of the highlights:
Eventually met my buddy Darrell AKA DJ Druid, he was getting scared that i might have ventured into the wrong area and land myself in trouble, he facebook messaged me and said 'Hey, i'm getting worried, get a taxi', not to worry, all i needed to do was put '0044' before his number and drop the 0 from his mobile number.

Darrell told me he thought every one knew this and he didn't want to sound condescending, he thought everyone knew, i didn't know!!!

Taxis are very cheap, in Belfast they come quickly, they have Sat nav and they call you when they get to your door, the best taxi service i have ever seen, ever!!!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Belfast, i heard the call (Part 2)

Photos are from the party in Belfast

So, as per usual, i sent out a couch surfing request and a 'Hey, I'm coming to town and i'm not Santa Clause (i think)'

So the reply i got was from a guy called Rory, living next to Jemesons brewery (had a good night on that stuff the night before leaving, I've already added it to my list of vices, anyways my host had a cool apartment and i met another surfer from the stated and after a chat we went out for beer, in the local casino, i played 10 euro, we got free beer, we weren't playing fast enough to get more free beer, we wanted more beer, i cashed in 11 Euro up and walked, the owner wasn't too happy and made our way to El Rip off, Eddie Rockets where i blew my winnings on 2 burgers, 2 cokes and garlic chips, cost 27 Euro, never again, Mr Rocket!!

But it was fun!!!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Belfast, i heard the call

Photos are from the party in Belfast

So there i am, minding my very own business and i get an invite for Belfast, and off i go, it's as simple as that, i've been before, i know the story, so bus was much cheaper and since i have all the time in the world (i own it all) i went by bus (the wheels really do go round and round!!!)

So on the bus journey, i suppose the first thing to report was as i looked out the window in North Tipperary i saw pub called 'Mary Willeys' and i wrote,
'Are you thinking what i'm thinking? I hope not, they must really like willies here, huh?

So, i got as far as Dublin (after all it was the first part of the trip) and i called into the International for 1, it started raining, had 1 * 6 (it's a mathematical thing) and a Jemesons and red lemonade (you can only get red lemonade in Ireland, it was for pure nostalgic reasons) at the Comedy gig upstairs, oh the memories!!! I bought a t-shirt for the bar too!!!

I recognized the barman, who's worked there his whole life, i knew him from 10 years ago, i recognized one of the comedians, and he was from Cork, still doing gags about being from Cork, he looked older, where did his youth go? Where did my youth go (i still feel 18, on good days), this is my story and i'm sticking to it!!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Dont follow in my footsteps.....i walk into walls

My good friends from Argentina, Florencia and her boyfriend, top people!!!

Too much sanity may be madness. And maddest of all, to see life as it is and not as it should be!
Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616)

Russell Brand reads in a Kerouac marathon - Russell Brand on the Road - BBC documentary

There are more videos on this series, give them a click!!!

I dont like to do anything that makes you sweat, if you dont come at the end

Socrates said the male libido is like being chained madman, ok so, i'm already a madman, so i've been told?

The best thing i have heard this year!!!

Totally random

And if you wanted to listen to some chewns, take a hit of this

Russell Brand Elephant Man prank call and protest

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts

Photos are courtesy of my friend Brittonie, is that enough credit? They're not hers either, oh feck it, i just like them and she's not the boss of me!!!!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

As i was saying, i saw some movies and heres what Mr Brain thinks

All photos are from the couchsurfing Halloween pub crawl

This would have been much better if i wrote this yesterday (truth be told) and now after the newly acquired 12 year old whiskey and beer has laid waste to some brain cells, like Oliver Cromwell on a fine afternoon horse ride through Ireland (Our friend Oliver being a metaphor for Whiskey and Irish people = Brain cells)

But Mr Cromwell always had fun, i had fun too......this is getting strange....back to the movie.

First up was 'Why Sabreen?/Lesh Sabreen?'

A story of forbidden love, a religious Israeli chick falls in love with a Palestinian guy, forbidden love and all that (they even met up in a toilet cubicle, she gives a secret knock, how cool, i would never have though of that one)

But it's all been done before and her dad wants her to marry his cousin, next!!

The Wounded Knee And The Standing Man

I didn't really think much of this, so i wont bother writing much about it, NEXT!!

Three of Us The story of a disabled guy in India, the family looks after him, what will happen to him when the parents die
[Readers note, at this point, a certain uncomfort was starting to settle in, 2 pints before a movie is never a good idea]

We all have our problems i guess, Next!!!

Oh, the Jazz festival, with the bearded Kilkenny 'El Loco'

Fossil Memory

The best movie i saw, a boy sees his grand father dying and by looking through a microscope he sees his grandfathers life through a microscope, cutting edge, fresh, cool (and i'm not just talking about my new hair cut!!)

Since it was in French, it reminded me of the Zola book about the conditions of French miners in the 1600's, very cool and relevant, to er, French, er, miners?

Long is the way/Ta an Bealach Fada
This was the best made movie, by far, well directed, everything was brilliant, except for the story line, something in the woods was killing people and people went in to see and no one saw them again and then some chicks dad goes in, she comes out and she lives happier ever after, somewhat?

I think the moral of the story is there is a lot to be said for making deals with the devil, or something?

And last, but not least, Jade

I think i liked this one, i'm sure, i'm sure, because it was so abstract, you could insert your own story line, and it was up to how you interpreted the events as how it turned out, basically, if your a negative bollocks it was a tragedy, if your an optimist, there was light at the end of the tunnel

No tunnels were harmed in the making of this movie

Speaking of tunnels, my buddy from Dream tunnel Darrell in Belfast posted this asked me "If Kieran O Callaghan was a space pilot, would you trust him/her to take you to the moon?"
I answered 'He has took me to the moon on a few occasions '
,i know what he means!!!!

Saw this guy last night, he is outrageous!!! I love him!!!

Russell Brand in New York City (Part 1)

Friday, 6 November 2009

So Kieran goes to see a movie and comes back next day........

Photos are from Ilha Grange i borrowed from some friends in England (I'll give them right back when i'm finished, i swear!!!!)

So the Cork film festival is on, so after being back for 2 weeks and not doing much (except heckling people on Facebook when i should be getting that beauty sleep, and then sleeping and waking up uglier, see where this is going? Cos i dont? )

Anyways i put the good word out (by way of phoning the sisters good friend Hughie) and it was on, the meeting point? In front of the big cop shop in the city, i have nothing to be afraid of (at least this is what i think, thinking is a symptom)

Met some people i actually knew on the way, just when you think you know no one in your city....BAM in your face, i know you!!!!

Who were they, Bill from Russels music, he's opened his shop again, he got out at the height of the Celtic tiger and it looks like he's picked up the same place for a song, well it is a music shop?

And i met a guy i used to do Tae Kwon Do with, he was telling me he wanted to go to South America, but since English is the universal language, he couldn't be bothered learning Spanish, fair enough, i wasn't going to argue the finer points with him and it was starting to rain

Rain will be a faint memory in a few weeks, it will be HOT, HOT, HOT in Perth, water restrictions and everyone will be drinking beer!!!

I was shown the gaff (slang for house) and we were off to the movie with his brother Colm, i approve his choice of brothers, all of them in fact and we had a quick pint before going into the Kino cinema, and then we had another quick one and we were off to see some short movies

So far so good...............

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

America and Canada

Photos are from some of my friends in North America(i took them and your not getting them back)

When i recover from my somewhat writers block, the words will flow

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