Saturday, 7 November 2009

As i was saying, i saw some movies and heres what Mr Brain thinks

All photos are from the couchsurfing Halloween pub crawl

This would have been much better if i wrote this yesterday (truth be told) and now after the newly acquired 12 year old whiskey and beer has laid waste to some brain cells, like Oliver Cromwell on a fine afternoon horse ride through Ireland (Our friend Oliver being a metaphor for Whiskey and Irish people = Brain cells)

But Mr Cromwell always had fun, i had fun too......this is getting strange....back to the movie.

First up was 'Why Sabreen?/Lesh Sabreen?'

A story of forbidden love, a religious Israeli chick falls in love with a Palestinian guy, forbidden love and all that (they even met up in a toilet cubicle, she gives a secret knock, how cool, i would never have though of that one)

But it's all been done before and her dad wants her to marry his cousin, next!!

The Wounded Knee And The Standing Man

I didn't really think much of this, so i wont bother writing much about it, NEXT!!

Three of Us The story of a disabled guy in India, the family looks after him, what will happen to him when the parents die
[Readers note, at this point, a certain uncomfort was starting to settle in, 2 pints before a movie is never a good idea]

We all have our problems i guess, Next!!!

Oh, the Jazz festival, with the bearded Kilkenny 'El Loco'

Fossil Memory

The best movie i saw, a boy sees his grand father dying and by looking through a microscope he sees his grandfathers life through a microscope, cutting edge, fresh, cool (and i'm not just talking about my new hair cut!!)

Since it was in French, it reminded me of the Zola book about the conditions of French miners in the 1600's, very cool and relevant, to er, French, er, miners?

Long is the way/Ta an Bealach Fada
This was the best made movie, by far, well directed, everything was brilliant, except for the story line, something in the woods was killing people and people went in to see and no one saw them again and then some chicks dad goes in, she comes out and she lives happier ever after, somewhat?

I think the moral of the story is there is a lot to be said for making deals with the devil, or something?

And last, but not least, Jade

I think i liked this one, i'm sure, i'm sure, because it was so abstract, you could insert your own story line, and it was up to how you interpreted the events as how it turned out, basically, if your a negative bollocks it was a tragedy, if your an optimist, there was light at the end of the tunnel

No tunnels were harmed in the making of this movie

Speaking of tunnels, my buddy from Dream tunnel Darrell in Belfast posted this asked me "If Kieran O Callaghan was a space pilot, would you trust him/her to take you to the moon?"
I answered 'He has took me to the moon on a few occasions '
,i know what he means!!!!

Saw this guy last night, he is outrageous!!! I love him!!!

Russell Brand in New York City (Part 1)

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