Saturday, 21 November 2009

Belfast, i heard the call

Photos are from the party in Belfast

So there i am, minding my very own business and i get an invite for Belfast, and off i go, it's as simple as that, i've been before, i know the story, so bus was much cheaper and since i have all the time in the world (i own it all) i went by bus (the wheels really do go round and round!!!)

So on the bus journey, i suppose the first thing to report was as i looked out the window in North Tipperary i saw pub called 'Mary Willeys' and i wrote,
'Are you thinking what i'm thinking? I hope not, they must really like willies here, huh?

So, i got as far as Dublin (after all it was the first part of the trip) and i called into the International for 1, it started raining, had 1 * 6 (it's a mathematical thing) and a Jemesons and red lemonade (you can only get red lemonade in Ireland, it was for pure nostalgic reasons) at the Comedy gig upstairs, oh the memories!!! I bought a t-shirt for the bar too!!!

I recognized the barman, who's worked there his whole life, i knew him from 10 years ago, i recognized one of the comedians, and he was from Cork, still doing gags about being from Cork, he looked older, where did his youth go? Where did my youth go (i still feel 18, on good days), this is my story and i'm sticking to it!!

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