Wednesday, 25 November 2009

I hit the streets of Belfast and here's what happened

Photos are from the house party on Saturday night

So, i checked out the area around Queens, i love it, i love it!!!

Went to a local bar to watch the Rugby, pints 3 pounds, very cheap.....compared to south of the border.

Later that night i go back and there are heaps of chicks all dressed up, like they are going to a club a chick i was talking to said 'You'd like a bit of that' and truth be told, i wouldn't have said no to a bit of her, so i said, 'Is there a club near here?' and she laughs, chicks on a Sunday dress up like that, going to the PUB!!! Unbelievable!!!

Oh how we laughed!!

So, it wasn't all the pub, i went to a few movies too in the Queens Film Theatre, i saw Chevolution

Goodbye Solo

and something else................? Cant remember, i'm getting old, whats your excuse?

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