Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Psy Trance night

So, Darrell and myself met up and went out, the first time for Chinese and came back with a burger and chips, so, here's how it went, we went round the corner to the Chinese, and calls are coming in, the guys taking the orders haven't a clue what they're up to, we wait and wait and then we cant wait no mo, and we go next door and then what happens again? Oh yeah we order a burger and chips and coke, very cheap too)

Manglement of Eddie (rip off) Rockets, are you paying attention? Later as the grease is being absorbed into our system (for the lack of a better word) we wish we waited longer, i told Darrell we could have came back and rang in the order, cos they weren't serving anyone any other way, or even stepped outside the shop!! That would have been funny!!

Off we went to the party, i saw the last 30 minutes of Ireland V France, Darrell was up first DJing and to my suprise it was actually good, i liked it, but not like dancing good, but interesting, then the Portuguese guy wanted to DJ and kicked him off after the crowd were warmed up, and things went downhill from there.......shite!!!

Later i went to a house party, i got some takeouts, 3 big cans of Carlsberg for 3.30 pounds, compared to the 'Rip off Republic', this place is cheap!!

There were lots of Interesting characters at the party, lots of Leather, one guy must have been at least 50, all punked up, i was amused, aroused, no!!

Next day Darrell was off to his Medical testing clinic, we set our alarms fro 8am, when we got back at 4am and when we wake up, i'm still very tired and an alarm is going off and i'm thinking 'Would he ever turn that fuckin alarm off, it's doing my head in!!', Until Darrell reaches over and turns off my alarm!!

Oh how we laughed!! Every 5 minutes the alarm on my phone would announce the time, the time is 8.05, the time is 8.10 and on and on...........

It was a good way to wake up, laughing!!!

I said goodbye to Darrell as he went off to have people try their MS drugs on him for 3 days and i checked into one of my favorite hostels Archies, near Queens Uni and Belfast, i was out on the prowl!!!

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