Friday, 6 November 2009

So Kieran goes to see a movie and comes back next day........

Photos are from Ilha Grange i borrowed from some friends in England (I'll give them right back when i'm finished, i swear!!!!)

So the Cork film festival is on, so after being back for 2 weeks and not doing much (except heckling people on Facebook when i should be getting that beauty sleep, and then sleeping and waking up uglier, see where this is going? Cos i dont? )

Anyways i put the good word out (by way of phoning the sisters good friend Hughie) and it was on, the meeting point? In front of the big cop shop in the city, i have nothing to be afraid of (at least this is what i think, thinking is a symptom)

Met some people i actually knew on the way, just when you think you know no one in your city....BAM in your face, i know you!!!!

Who were they, Bill from Russels music, he's opened his shop again, he got out at the height of the Celtic tiger and it looks like he's picked up the same place for a song, well it is a music shop?

And i met a guy i used to do Tae Kwon Do with, he was telling me he wanted to go to South America, but since English is the universal language, he couldn't be bothered learning Spanish, fair enough, i wasn't going to argue the finer points with him and it was starting to rain

Rain will be a faint memory in a few weeks, it will be HOT, HOT, HOT in Perth, water restrictions and everyone will be drinking beer!!!

I was shown the gaff (slang for house) and we were off to the movie with his brother Colm, i approve his choice of brothers, all of them in fact and we had a quick pint before going into the Kino cinema, and then we had another quick one and we were off to see some short movies

So far so good...............

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