Sunday, 20 December 2009

Amazing Paris

Ok so, the first night i stayed with Ahmed from Tunisia, 2nd + 3rd night with Teddy

So i spent my days walking all over Paris, the Patheon, St Germain (Beautiful shopping streets)
The 3rd day i walked over to the Eiffel tower, spent ages looking for asian food, so i kept walking and ended up on the bottom left side of the city (a long way).

Then i got back to see the Eiffel tower,then over to Emperor Napoleon's Arc de Triomphe, i had Escargot (snails to you), i walked and walked, the, the Champs-Élysées was all lit up for Christmas, beautiful!!!

Best european city i have been to? I think so!!!!!!!!!

Called into an Irish pub, was talking to a local, he told me A LOT of people in Paris have Irish parents or relatives, and up the road they have the oldest hookers i have ever seen, the oldest, some of them must of been 70, standing in doorways, the next neighbour hood was lots of Turkish people.

Note from the previous night
I know i'm not gay because a guy told me to 'Act gay and you can get free drinks', i'm not much of an actor either, is this a positive thing?

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