Monday, 21 December 2009

Amelies Paris, yeah baby, yeah!!!!

On Saturday, i walked over to Montmartre, as it turns out, thats where they filmed the movie Amelie.

Know it?

So now it's Sunday, i'm going back, but first i think i'll indulge in a little glass of wine before i tackle the hill, good thinking, me thinks (and the thinking stops there)

So yesterday, after checking out Montmartre, i went to check out the Moulin Rouge, just to say i was there, the movie was one of hte biggest loads of shite ever and all it's done it multiply the hatred in me for Nicole Kidman.

Up further, there are lots of strip shows, some rank chick tried to pull me into a strip show for a lap dance, strip show, massage, then sex was on offer, i kept walking.

Got back to an Irish pub called Mc Brides 3 blocks down from the oldest hookers i have ever seen to watch Ireland beat south Africa, then, who do i meet but Stephen from the other night, i was starting to feel like a local!!!

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