Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Becomng a local in Paris

So i run into Stephen, from a few nights before, he's working for French TV, in the mornings, so he needs to arise from his slumber at 4am, and we had a few drinks, before we parted he helped plan my metro route back to my hostel to get my bag and go to the other side of the city to meet my couch surfer for that night (Saturday) and all the hostels were very expencive (about 29 euro) and all booked up, so it was important to go where i was going.

Stephens old band Vatican DC
Stepthen is the singer

So i met up with Couchsurfer Guillaume, did a bit of food shopping, had a bite to eat and then we were off out to meet his buddy, ex DJ now a software developer, we had a glass of wine by the Canal in St Denis (they shot the movie Amelie there too, skimming stones scene), lots of nice girls in the restaurant, this is why we were there, i found out.

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