Thursday, 17 December 2009

Belfast, the first night

I went looking for some photos that meant something, but why bother? I found these photos that perfectly summed up something, that couldn't be written, or something?

I cant believe it's not the Virgin Mary!!

Well, hello there, it's been a long time, been a long time....thanks Robert Plant, i'll take it from here.

Hello, it's been about a month (maybe 6 weeks, but let us continue, i've taken notes :) !!!)
So anyways this is from Belfast................
So i check into my favourite hostel, Archies, near Queens University (and only one i know in Belfast) and verbal intercourse takes place (no other kind will do sometimes!!)
I'm out walking and calling into a few bars and i go back to the hostel to round up a possy for the cinema.

So i say 'Lets go to see a movie'
One guy says 'Sorry man, we're planning a trip'
Me (laughing): 'The Canadians are planning a trip and the Germans are playing cards!'
German chick 'I work here, and i can kick you out'
Me: 'I know!!!'

But i can never help upsetting a German, was it the war? I just dont know?

Very holy guy (and cool)

At the same hostel, i met a guy from Montreal (with tattoos) and the conversation went to tattoos and would you believe it (some yes, others no), he knows my tattoo artist (Mr Rockabilly from Montreal) in Slick Styled steel and his crazy friend, with tattoos of his Nintendo controller, he told me about the crazy guy's new tattoo, it's some kind of street fighter Matrix fight sequence.

This i believe, the crazy guy was telling me his girlfriend (that had his kids with) could never leave him, he pays the gas, she pays the electricity, they cannot live without each other, it was funnier the way he put it, it was more like they were desperate for each other' :)

Oh, someting from when i was a lad....or just in Cork (recently)

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