Sunday, 27 December 2009

Can you phone number, i massage for you?

Photos are from Kuala Lumpor

'Can you phone number, i massage for you?', is probably not what you want to hear, coming out of a toilet in an Indian restaurant, from a Malay gay guy.

All that water and no beer is doing me wonders i know, but this is going too far, maybe too much, too soon?
I was feeling a change, but some guy rubbing your chest wasn't the feeling i wanted, but it was what i got and was quickly brushed off.

So let me tell you about 'Dr Fish', hundreds of little fish, exfoliating your feet
It looks like this

I had it a few times, one of the times i upgraded to the De-Luxe package and had a foot massage from an old woman and a back and neck massage from a guy that later asked me if i was Mafia, so all this combined with shopping = 'Not a bad night in Kuala Lumpor'............and other good stuff too, but that was much later, and thats another story.
So did i tell you i went shopping with Gen? One of her user names is 'Genetelia'.

So i went shopping in my favourite shopping centre, Times square, with my minority, Malay, colored, single (sometimes), friend (that's a girl), 'Gen' (not to be confused with the other kind) and we were passing one stall that sold belts, and for a laugh i asked the guy if i could try a belt, he was all sure, sure.

So i start beating Gen's ass with the belt, she was all 'Oh, yeah, that feels good', got the guy down 50% in price and ended up buying it (after walking away), what a laugh, he wanted to sell this belt for his 'Lucky first sale', oh how we laughed walking away!!!!!!

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