Monday, 28 December 2009

Couchsurfing KL...for the lack of a better name

I sent out requests and the one i took up was from Mildas boyfriend, he said, 'We're always doing crazy stuff or just chilling', he was heading overseas, but to send his girlfriend a msg, this i did, how right, the first night he was!

So the first night i get there, they were off to do a Murial on a wall on the abandoned prison (next to Times square) and nearly got caught, since i have to be on a flight soon , i wasn't taking any chances, but after shopping twice in Times Square shopping centre, i saw the Murial on the way back 9after taking the right train, the wrong way).

Now after chilling enough daze, today after more shopping i will be switching couch surfers to get to know Malay's instead of Europeans.

But first some interesting stuff....

Indians come here to Malaysia on 5 year contracts (and as far as i can see, they work their asses off), for what I'd wonder, but everyone gets along, Indian, Chinese, Malay, no problems at all, so someones doing something right here, maybe it's god, or maybe the president was really good and Santa gave him what he wanted, a country where everybody lives in harmony (and maybe some sing along with the chorus), maybe?

They play Muslim prayers in Indian restaurants? Holy sheet!!!

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