Thursday, 24 December 2009

I was talking to a French guy..............

Photos are from Paris...yea dummy!!

So............I was talking to a French guy (that was fond of every lady that passed) waiting for the plane, I was blowing my nose, he asked me if I was sick, I said it was just swine flu, he nearly jumped the barricade!!!

I said ‘Where are you from, America?’, he didn’t find that funny, and that was funny, coz, I thought it was hilarious., he reminded me of my buddy Gustavo from Porta Seguro in Bahia, Brazil, a classic.

The English guy that did events told me he would book Ricky Gervais to do half hour after dinner speeches, for this Ricky’s bank account would increase by 20k pounds, but Ricky didn’t care abut speeches, the guy told him he could get him more (probably in English, after all, they ‘invented’ that language, those crazy English), but, Ricky says ‘No’, he has no interest, does he ever get hungry?
Maybe he could go for a free feed and show his face and slip out the back before the desert is served?

A few weeks ago, some guys tried to steal 200k from Ricky’s account (or 5 hours of after dinner speeches, conversation is still chap, sometimes that’s all I have, buddy can you lend me a dime?)
The would be thieves used a photo from DVD of ‘The office’, the plot was foiled since he’s about the most recognisable guy in England, they had no hope, no one told tham!!!

He told me if Rick lost all his money all he would have to do is a couple of speeches and he’s be off again, fair enough? But when you have that many 0 in your bank account, whats another 0, it’s not like he wants to be Jay Z?

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