Friday, 25 December 2009

I’m leaving gay Pari

Photo's are from the worlds largest Avery in Kuala Lumpor

So I nearly didn’t get on my flight to Malaysia from Paris, not through my own fault, but I’m sure I could have gone to see the Pyramids instead, hello King Tut, remember me?

As we all know, since some building that fell down in Manhattan life is becoming more and more difficult, every where in the world.
Malaysian airways are introducing metal knives next year so people can butter their bread properly, wow!!! They are plain crazy!!!


So I check in and they want to see my onward bound ticket for Perth, I tell them I have one and after much conversation of people ‘Just doing their job’, I have to go find an Internet terminal, Air France were ‘Scared’ I might like Malaysia too much and they would get fined and maybe a slap on the wrist.

Just as I’m cursing them the ‘Air France Supervisor’, gives me her business card, not in an Amorous, call me sometime, this was after all her place of business, so I emailed my ticked to her, she prints it off and I’m back in business, an international disaster has been diverted, off I go and i went.

And then some random Nigerians enter the fray.
So, while waiting, I meet some Nigerian guys, pretty cool guys, I like them, one was very Muslim and another guy was all dressed up in a suit and sunglasses.

An English guy that did events started talking to us, he told the guy in the suit he had many gods, Christian, Muslim, Buddist. Mr Shades kept telling me he was a Christian, and he was since he was 6 inches high (probably the same size as his dad’s cock, things are different in Africa, I believe), how he could remember all this, boggles me, a regular grouping of usual suspects.

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