Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Mooi and me

The wonderful sleep mask in operation

So off i trotted to
Sentral (spelled with an 'S') to meet a local couch surfer (her first time) and it couldn't have been better.

But first......
One of the morning's i woke up on the couch, there was plenty of people about and i'm sure my male appendage might have been doing an impression of one of the famous Kuala Twin towers, which tower is any ones guess?

And then everyone left the room and as my friend Gen would tell it, 'When i woke up, the first thing i saw in front of me was from Kieran and he said, Gen i think i had a mad erection when i woke up and all those people were around me', another moment to file away under 'Funniest moments of 2009', indeed.

So back to Mooi, we went out for dinner, Chinese, many dishes, had a great sleep in the spare room later, i was due a sleep and sleep i did, the next day we went for breakfast near the Botanic garden (in front of the cop shop), a good place for a cop shop, not too many criminals hang out there, ever, I'd bet!

We went to the worlds largest Avery, we saw the bird show, Mooi has seen it 4 or 5 times, 40 Rms for me, 12 Rms or a local...hmmmm?

Later when we when we got back, we went out again for massages, 1.5 hour ones.

Since Mooi paid for 10, she got 1 for free, i got that one, she did tell me in advance the massage parlor was 'Hanky Panky' free, it would appear all the other massage places, come 'Hanky Panky' installed, but not there, this was the foreigner area, later lots of great food (i paid) and that was the last thing i could pay for.

Hello Ducky

Excellent day, excellent massage.

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