Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The old hookers are militarising the cant be serious?

Videos were suggestions by Guillaume

Couchsurfer Guillaume's buddy Germain started to tell me tales about Paris that you wont be reading in any Lonely Planet

One of the things he told me was the 3 ways to get a hooker in Paris and it was funny, because i really didn't want to know, the more i didn't want to know, the more i learnt, i think he realy needed to tell someone, so he told me.

Germain told me the cops respect the old hookers and dont arrest them, although they could.

In some areas (China town) there are girls on the street, not dressed as hookers, but are hookers, but they dont say anything to you, you have to ask them

Then there are web sites.

Now, the eastern european hookers are moving in and the Chinese and eastern european hookers are having turf wars, now the old hookers are coming in and militarising the whole place (he used the word militarising, which made me laugh!!), so the cops dont come in and arrest them too.

Later we went to Germains office for coffee, cool office, i was drinking milk as i went in the door when the shutters came up and the alarm goes off.

He apparently said 'Dont go in yet' and all i can gather is i cant hear while i'm drinking...milk.

Germain showed me a FAX he got with sex chat lines (stuck up opposite the sexual harrasment information poster)

Titles included 'Do you like to touch yourself?', 'Want to hear girls have orgasams?', 'How do you please a girl that likes girls?'.

Very funny

Mano Negro, pre Manu chao

All in all, a top day!!!

Cargo 92 tour of South America


ashorlivs said...

Hi Kerian,
also here is the "spam fax" I got at the office, enjoy the 2-bit design and get turned on by those lady fantasies...

(feel free to grab the .jpg and repost it!)


ashorlivs said...

how could i possibly forget that?! best wishes for 2K10!

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