Saturday, 19 December 2009

Paris at a glance

Well, as you know, i went to Paris, and one of the couchsurfers brought me to a club, for men, men that like other men (A LOT)
And i made some casual observations, so here goes.

It interesting to see that Parisian gay guys and guys that work for the county councils all over Ireland are very similar, 1 guy does all the work, 3 guys watch, then he has a break and someone else takes over for a while and then someone jumps in and one guy is coming and another Guy is going.

Maybe it's something to do with the unions or something?

Getting in the way

My couchsurfer Teddy, did warn me about the place, i told him I've seen everything, nothing would surprise me, i was very surprised, very, upstairs there was a guy with his tongue in some guys ass, the guy was having a beer like nothing was going on and he was minding his own business, which he was, it was so ridiculous, you could laugh and to divert my attention i looked up to see the TV and would you believe it, there was gay porn on, 2 guys doing things you cant imagine, with another watching in the distance....whacking himself off.

Anything you can do, i can do better

Anyways, i think i can now say, i have seen it all, what else would there be to do?

Gay Pari, you were a good teacher :)

Pierre Puget Milon de Crotone, from the Lourve
Is this guy being sexually harrased, is it a gay lion, or is it the Parisian way?

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