Thursday, 31 December 2009

Saw a 'Whirly Bird', i liked, and i bought it!!!

Photos are of Kalgoorlie

Last daze in Kuala Lumpor, i went shopping, it's very addictive there, especially coz you know you paying about a quarter of the cost in Australia, the more you spend, the more you save!!!

Mooi dropped me off at the Metro at a shopping centre and off i went.

I couldn't resist buying a helicopter 'Whirly Bird' to some, the guy who eventually broke it, owns more than 5 million in heavy machinery in Kalgoorlie, and do you thing he's fix it or replace it?

So the night before flying to Oz, i didn't sleep a wink, i kept thinking, if i miss that flight, I'll be screwed, so i got up early, Moi drove me to Sentral to get the train and insisted on paying for my ticket too, i had money, but she insisted, so with the money she saved me, i ended up buying a bottle of Vodka, exactly the thing i didn't want to do, but who am i to complain?

Oh yeah, i made it back to Perth, over the line, hip hip hurrah!!!


lizaloof said...

hello kevin. your blog is interesting and intellectual.

from lizzy :)

Pri said...

Hey, Kevin! =P

No more posts? Everything is ok?


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