Friday, 18 December 2009

Things that go bump in the night, in er...Belfast?

Photos are from the worlds largest avery in KL (except for the last pic)

So i convinced the Canadian from Vancouver and his Aussie from Victoria to go and rent a car and they ended up giving me a spin into Belfast city (lovley), win, win for everybody.

So i checked out the 'Bar of the year', 'Murials', very like some out of the way bar in Melbourne, but in Belfast, lots of photos with vintage seats, cool!

I had a great sleep in the dorm of Archies backpackers (felt like someones house...Archies), i didn't even mind the crazy Scottish guy, i think he just took too much Acid in his youth, i asked him how his day was, he said 'I'll find out later', later came and as i was going into the dorm he on the ground with Tarot cards and he said 'Damn!', this must of been his answer!!!

So he was in a top bunk bed with all his stuff on it, he was on the edge of the bed (with a low celing), and of course, in and out all night, he woke the Aussie guy below him at 4am to try and get the eye drops he thought he dropped.

So lights on and off (turned off by someone else after he went out), it was so bizzare, it was laughable, but it happened, i didn't mind, i got a great sleep, everyone else did mind and he must of gotten kicked out the next night.

Alarm bells did ring in my head when he wanted to pay by cheque when he checked in, is good and it is going to get better and better, Paris next week, 6 whole daze!!!

Boston, 2007 world series

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