Monday, 31 May 2010

Friday night, not at the movies, never the movies!!

Photos are from Lunch, last Thursday

So, I finished work on Friday, not that much was done, oh, it appeared like things were done, but things are never as they first appear.

So, after ringing all the boring, couldn't be bothered and hearing the one person that I’ve been told to not talk to was having their leaving drinks in the bar I was going to, to see the El Krazy Kat.

So after weighing all this up, I went walking towards the Samba class, confident I could find the place again, I went for a drink, Mc Mahons seemed like the logical place, after all the guy that runs the place knows my name, this is a bonus in a big city, for them and for me.

The Kiwi with attitude, she always threatens me with decaf coffee!!

So, I’m sipping a beer, some drunk chick breaks a big pot outside the door, I’m tempted to tell him about the time I met someone that told me how a dunk tourist got into a giant clay pot after being told not to do it, then they had to break the pot to get the tourist out, then the bar person that told the guy not to do it was being charged by their boss for breaking the pot to get them out.

Anyways I wanted to tell Steve (that knows my name) this, but it didn't seem like he was interested in hearing this.
So, sitting across the bar is Dave-the-Carlton-supported-Nightmare-when-drunk

So after a beer with Dave and his buddy, I go to Samba.
Dave is still moving furniture, traffic was so bad himself and his partner were drinking pints, and ignoring their phone calls, they had declared the working week over, even though their boss thought they were working in the other side of town.


I met up with Waterford Dave and proceeded to go on a pub crawl, the best place was La La Lounge, before that we were in some bar, warehouse, bales of hay that featured a mechanical bull where there was plenty of commotion, did I say there was 2 guys balls naked, who, proceeded to give the Bull a run for his money. I got plenty of photos on my phone, the only problem is getting them off of the phone, but you don’t need to see them (but they are really good, if not gay)

Note to the reader:
If there is to be a Brokeback mountain, I have some great ideas!

So after La La Lounge, we go to (phoney) Pony, I get refused entry first, then the bouncer changes, then I get in.

I say hello to David (Waterford) new house mate from Slovenia, she says, 'Sorry, we're here to pick up men', I had to laugh.
Then we are downstairs, I go out for a fag, I know I’m not going to be allowed back in, it's like that in the city, so I know that going out
While I was out, I’m talking to a guy, he's got lots of tattoos, he gives me the business card for his artist, then he gives me a 'Admit 2 free' for Hustler's strip bar
'I know all the girls and the people that work there', fair enough, I guess?

Vince, looking good in black and white

So, then I’m coming back in to the bar, I’m told you cant, so I go home and sleep and I was so glad, only because I had thinks to do the next day and I did them too, but first I needed sleep, no sheep.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

So, everything has been figured out, except how to live.

Photos are from Sydney

So I got tired of being the big guy around the office and now I’ll think I’ll get all arty farty and write a few words.
A message to the universe, here it goes.

Highlights this week would include Matt, George some Columbian (guy that likes to sleep with his friends, female ones) and some other people's art exhibit in the Vineyard in St Kilda.

I was dead tired, the eye was twitching, I’m told I couldn't have been stressed, but I was in need of sleep, now I’ve gotten the sleep, 2 good stints of 8.5 hours, the twitch isn't too bad.

Did I say, my Krazy Kat friend, the English type told me not to talk to Matt, 'How would you feel if I hung out with your ex? Was the argument given, like I give a shit and I would spend any
Time talking about her, the whole world must revolve round her,

And then I thought of this song

It isn’t easy, living' like a gypsy.
Tell yaw, honey, how I feel.
I've been dreaming,
Floating' down stream and
Losing' touch with all that is real.
Whole earth lover, keeping' under cover
Never knowing' where yaw been.
You've been fading', always out parading.
Keeping' touch with Mama Kin.

So I had food at the Fox, on Wellington st, being served by the un-nameable dude that treated the English unspeakable, so badly, I never wanted to get involved with any of it, so I won’t bother now.
So, the lines were cleared, had the open Kangaroo steak sandwich (Sorry to Skippy’s cousin, you are much too tasty to be hopping around there, why don’t you hop in my belly and if you were there, you would have thought so too, it was GREAT!!

Then the lines were cleared, the best kind, the beer lines, meself and George got a free jug of brown Ale, I got talking to some chicks that considered them Wogs and Alcoholics, interesting, indeed.

Subscribed to a report that stated that China will be building 3 similar Sydney’s every year until 2030, and I went to Sydney 2 weeks ago and the Herald sun had an article on how Sydney rates better than Melbourne, pigs arse my dear man, and it never could, I would tell those boy's in China not to bother and maybe go home and have a good sleep for themselves.

Wheres the beef?

So I’m working hard, to appear like I’m working hard, appearances can be deceiving and I hope I am, really. Like a small fitting condom in a 3rd world country, where you think, it wasn't that much sperm.

Just lie that, you cant knock the hustle.


Saturday, 29 May 2010

Reality bites

Photos are all from Melbourne, lunch time yesterday
Another happy camper consuming Don don's, now Don Don's consumes his lunch times

So, i get back to Melbourne, first day i'm back i go to the Opera, which one? Only the best one so far this year, Fledermaus, by the Composer: Johann Strauss
Have you heard of him? He must of praticed very hard as a kid, only coz it was very good, musically and the story line was only brilliant, very funny, it was so enjoyable, it didn't even feel like i was at the Opera, but i was boys and girls, oh yes, i was.

So, in i went to Gypsy bar and sez i, 'Come ere, Cathy, if you wern't such a bitch to me and if you didn't hate me so much, i would have bought you a lovley purse', all of this is true, except for the hate bit, i do like going there, but now i have to go to other places, only to mix it up a bit, words of the wise Osho, 'Only a crazy person does the same thing all the time and expect's differnt results', i believe, i believe.

Keeping it real

Gypsy bar Cathy is saying to me, 'Buy me a purse, i really need a purse, i really need one', the next day the woman that has the junk shop (one mans trash is another mans treasure) around the corner from me, is out selling again, she gives it to me, free of charge, it pays to talk to people and i do, i'm Fitzroyalty after all, one size fitz all, i found many treasures there, that purse was another one.

So the Spanish movie festival was on, is on, i saw Pagafantas (Friend Zone) on Monday, 15 +, i can do that, i am that, i am he, so i went and it was great, that was all i saw, which was a shame, but you cant do everything and be everywhere, unless you clone yourself and the clone does the work and you have all the fun, i suggested this to Stuart yesterday, and since sience can now create an artifical living cell, anything is possible, possibly?

But now for reality, and it bites.
But the day was sunny. maybe one of the last (i keep saying that, and the sunshine never stops), well anyway, met my buddy Dave (from Waterford on Sunday), i was feeling pretty tired, i felt like i was riding bulls all night, was it a dream? I do have a rodeo belt, apparently i wouldn't of had to buy it, if i was from Rodeo country in Queensland, i'm not, so i bought one, so what? It's tacky, cool, i like it!! Get it? I got it!!

So i'm out walking, i turn the corner, the woman around the corner is out selling her wares again, i got a purse for Cathy in Gypsy bar, she tells everyone i come in and drive her crazy, the truth is when she gets pissed off, she sounds like my sister Susan shouting at me, which is pretty funny, if your me, dont try this at home folks!!

What the fuck is he onabout now, you say? And how could you know, the blog is witten for me and not you, unless you click on ads that make me money, then it's for you too, and if you not doing anything except for reading pictures, feck off and learn to wread propper, your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberry juice. True story, and you read that one here first!!

Anyways, back to the story, met Dave from Waterford, broke all my rules, drinking with him, told my queen's pube story, his English housemate thought i was a dick, dick's have pubes too, it was a true story!!!!

At one point we were playing pool, Dave says i bet yea $10 you wont make that shot, i made another shot, not the shot he was thinking about, i didn't know that, i got the money straight away off of him, oh the laughs.

We laughed so much, it hurt, i missed the last train and got a taxi home, out drinking till 1am on a Sunday night and i though i was getting better?

Brown shoe day? The color cordination was amazing, even the leaves were all painted brown!

Friday, 28 May 2010

So, i got back from Sydney, much relieved.

Photos are from Sydney

We painted these green, Australia, you know what to do!!

I tell people i contemplated jumping off of the plane steps and kissing the ground, the landing gear came down as expected, the first time?

So, i'm chatting with a guy on the bus, he likes 30 Rock too, i give him my number, i have all 30 Rock, i get to the city, i'm too busy chatting to a chick, i nearly forget to validate my ticket, i validate my ticket.

I dont want any trouble, 5 minutes later, some ticket inspectors are hovering outside the tram, just before the doorws close they hop on, very sneaky, one of them blocks the machine, they check tickets, i've validated my ticket, they check everyone, somehow everybody's got a ticket, it's all good.

I get off at my stop, i see 4 kids hanging on to the back of the tram, a guy gets off at the same stop and says to me, 'I was crazy when i was young, but i wasn't that bad', back to the Melbourne vibe.

It was good to be back with real people, then i went to Brunswick st, i was very happy to be back.

Melbourne is the place to be alright

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Letters to the Editor, that me, dumbass!!

Got a letter from my Sister Susan

No other news....other than Sneachta might be a daddy 6weeks time! Hes some nobber!!! It was hillarious!!!! I wasn't there but he got out of the kennel (through the wired fence- he made a hole), and then done the job with Mini. He then somehow got out again and got stuck on her, she was dragging him around, him on his back, & AJ was attacking him simultaniously...very funny! It won't be so funny if puppies come. Ma recons that she could get E200 for each puppy! I'll keep you posted!

And Olaf, from Germany
hallo me friends,
the year is almost over.
i would like to wish everybody a healthy and a good year.
to chrism as it is to late now,but i hop everybody celibate it nice.
who is travel now or go on the furture?
what is happend the last time?
i am okay.
i since 1 of juni travel on canada and usa,after 6 months i finsch the boots big contrys.
then i will travel direction sued to zentralamerika.

the usa is t a backpackercontry,to expensiv and the people now very kind.
but this was a experince for my.
so my friends,good lucky, take care and dont forget to enjoy the life.
the germanyguy olaf

And Priscila from Rio
I'm pretty sure that you ex told good things about you to her housemate! If she didn't, the girl will not give you any attention at all... GO, TIGER! HAHAHAHAHAH I don't like "sex with ex" too much... We have a quote here about it: "repeated stamps do not complete a stamp collection..." Hahahahaha

And Tiago (not Thiago) in Vitoria, on me going back to Brazil and not working for the man
Yeah, dont work for the man, have fun in earth cause you areg gonna get 7000 virgins in heaven anyway,, and if you are lucky i am gonna join you in Salvador, and we are gonna eat so much rock like a hot sauce for birds (or something like that)

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

More tales from a far away land, Sydney

Photos are from Sydney

Well, I wrote this, so now, I’ll put it here too.

So, after leaving couch surfer Drew and India, the mission, get through the cross and here's what I wrote.

Went through the cross, Animals, saw cops, sniffer dog, it seemed like the world had gone mad, so I get a drink at the bottle shop and walk around and watch the madness, people screaming and running out on the road, and people in Melbourne think the city is bad at night, you wouldn't have seen this carry on a Safari in Africa.

I saw 2 guys walk up on the hills with some chick's high heels, someone was going home early that night, and maybe it would have been a good thing.

I eventually saw enough and went back to the hostel, met some girls coming back from the Enmore theatre, the security guard was giving out tickets, after the show and maybe that’s how I got talking to the girls, and then we were off for a drink in the local, for a bit.

I remember telling them, 'If these walls could talk, oh the stories', they were crazy ones.

Near where I was standing, I remember talking to a guy really drunk, I said to him, is that your phone, the phone was in front of him, he said 'Yes', well then, if that's your phone, someone's going to take it, he put it in his pocket and left, he might of been driving too, the drunk kind.
10 minutes later, one of the girls comes back and screams, 'Where's my phone?', the people around thought it better to not tell the whole truth, but it was a bit funny then.

I wonder if that chick would find it funny now.

So the next day, I checked into couch surfer Drew's place and we decided to venture out into the world, so over we went to Manly, VIA the ferry and took photos like they were going out of fashion and it was straight back to chill out, gourmet burger under the Coca Cola sign in the cross, TV and sleep, well I tried to sleep, and I saw the sun rise, well I was in the right place to see it.

So, it was back through Kings cross, I saw a syringe vending machine, never seen one of those before, passed through Oxford St, the gay centre of the gay friendly city.

I remembered a chick telling me when she first got to Australia, when she was 10, her parents were driving down Oxford St and they were stopped at traffic lights, when 2 guys (maybe they were gay) started leaning against the car kissing, her memory of that was her parents screaming, don’t look out, don’t look out!

So, I left and went for a walk about the town, got a free coffee, thanks Sydney, saw where the 'Chinese Laundry' club is, and walked over the bridge, wrong move.

I get half way over the bridge and I’m met by a guy half way over, he tells me go back, so I have to go back, back I go, to go under and across the other side.

So, yesterday I read a quote 'A happy person is someone that has to make a detour and enjoys the scenery on the way'

So for me, the thing that made my day, was all the white tiles in the under walk, people left their foot prints, so I did the same and got a photo too, maybe people in Sydney weren't that bad? I left my mark and went to see my old place of work, now it's called, my ex boss wasn't there, I got the ferry back to circular quay and had a $10 steak at the rocks and headed back to the real city, VIA the airport.

My offer of driven to the airport fell through, but what do you expect from Sydney folks?

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The weekend starts

Couchsurfer Drew and India, photos are all from Sydney

So i go home, stop off for Carbonara at the excellent Gypsy bar and it would appear I'm on a quest, the quest, to get my bag back it just so happens there is a movie on, so i go back to see the movie and get my bag.

The movie? Woman of the dunes, and existentialist black and white movie, the most important movie since Albert Camu's book about something or other, I'm betting on something.

So i met a local woman (Fitzroyality) that collected old folk songs, now, she sang some of them, some were in Irish, the pronunciation was really good, since she couldn't speak the language.

She made the claim that she opened the first cafe on Brunswick St, i think, now it's called Mario's, there was a butcher next door, and she started the whole street going, someone later claimed that was bullshit so much for claiming things.

In Cork, if you said 'I claim yea', it would roughly translate as 'Hey fella, i would like to do as much damage to your bodily temple, with my hands, plus both of my feet, knees, elbows...... ect.

Isn't useless information great, like you needed to know any of that, but forgetting my bag was like a message from the universe, i would never have seen the movie if i didn't forget my bag, someone up there is watching me and if your up there, superman, i'd like to say, your doing a great job.

And it was back to the land of the great Carbonara, to meat some familiar faces.

So i hung out with a guy that used to work at Gypsy, i told I'm the story of losing my bag, they were looking at me (blank look, you see the same look from dazzled rabbits on the road at night), and then i put my hand in my pocket and felt a banana, so i pulled it out and said, do you want a banana?)

Oh how we laughed, they thought i was truly mad, off i went to bar open for conversation out the back.

Monday, 24 May 2010

A letter from Olaf

Photos are from Newtown, Sydney

As i probably pointed out, i love getting letters from my German (is he the best German in the world?)

He once pointed out, sometimes Kieran, i dont understand you and sometimes i dont want to understand you. Olaf, he's a class act!

hello friends,
after long,long time now a sigh of my life.
yes i still life.
i hop everbody is okay and enjoy the life.
the life can take hard but also so nice!!!!!!!!(i dont like to complain my life)
i think samebody can remember me,but we meet us when we travel on the whole world,from asia,to neuseeland,suedafrika,suedamerika or zentralamerika.
i travel now almost 15 year and then i meet a lot of diffrent peopel.
how is travel now and where?
mabay i can meet same!

after my 8 months trip last year to asia,i lost my job on germany for this year,i hop only for this year,i have a speziell contrakt,only 4 monhts.
(i hop the next year i can earn money,no moeny no travel)
after my asientrip,i spend only 4 weeks on my homecity and the i left agian.
this year i started from canada on direction suedamerika,but i dont know if i arive there.(no plan)
on this moment i spend 2 weeks on sfo,i like the city after i go to alaska for a wihle.(i have to go befor geting colder)
but canada and the usa,is so expensiv you spend a lot of moeny.(but i know this befor)
what is happed on neuseeland?
what take the dok on tasmanien(mabay i came to visit you next or after next year)
what is happend on japan?
eddi where you been now,still sumatra or australien?
where is the crazy irland guy?

how is teh weater on schweden and how was the musikparty on germany?(pam)
who is maried now and hat many cids?(bo)
okay,now i will finsh this mail,i wish everbody,good lucky and all the best.
enjoy the life and take care. ever agian,sory my teribel english,but i never studi english on the school.(i take and writen my own language)
you friend olaf

Saturday, 22 May 2010

When in doubt, write

Photos are photos Saira uploaded on Facebook, cheers girl!!!

Saira is coming to Oz, to save the day, well at least she's moving!!!

So, i met Leanne at ABC gallery last night and i left my bag at there, now i have to go back there, it just so happens they have another movie on, is the universe trying to tell me something?

So, what else happened, i went and checked out a bang in The Old bar, my first time, since i've been back.

The last time i was there i met some girl, one of their friends broke up with an Irish guy, there was lots of crying, the woman that cleans the coffee machine was telling me about Leonard Cohen ' Ain't No Cure For Love', so check it out.

Anyway the friends of the crying chick, must be nearly 4 years ago were eying me suspucialy, not last night, it was all rock and roll, well the last band anyways.

Back to the woman that cleans the coffee machine, i was telling her Keith Richards has only 1 rule, dont mix the grape and the grain, i mixed the grape and the grain, was i looking for trouble?

Then it was time for Bar Open, to get drunk and maybe get laid, but one thing at a time, multi tasking was never really my thing.

So i woke up and came to work, had cereal (all the things you dont want to read about in someones blog), but whats difernt here is i never ate cereal before, before tuesday, the socceroos were doing their 'We're all going to the world cup, so would you like a bowl of cereal', i did and now i'm hooked.

Before it was al boost shakes, Sushi rolls, hot hot chili. Have i mended my ways.

So, i'm at work and i do all this morning stuff, coffee, yes, quick look at what it says in the papers, of course, why not?

Then i go looking for the chick that complained about me, probably because i commented on her R and B music, went looking for her, couldn't find her, so i wrote this


I've been up looking for you twice this morning, in relation to the feedback you gave Sarah in relation to the work i did for you.

Now, i went to see a movie last night, I'm told it was good, at 8.45pm i set a reminder for myself, 'Talk to Genevieve about the complaint', i did not find anything remotely funny, everyone was laughing, funny eh?

Sarah has instructed me not to talk to you about this complaint you made, but i will fill you in on a few things, no one else has complained about my work while working here, but now your leaving, you are the first.

A, It appears, the work i did for you was wrong
B, I complained about working with you and Soumya, i didn't want to do the work?
C, I was given no example of what i did wrong, my manager didn't take the time to verify any of you claims

I expect you to come to me and give me a full explanation during work hours today, i can call you over the weekend, if you prefer, i might refer this to Sulu if i do not hear back from you.

I did 1 days work for you, i would love to know how you found so many things to complain about?

I look forward to hearing from you

This must of worked, because i'm pulled into a meeting, to discuss the matter with my manager and told not to talk to that person, and i could see them from where i was sitting, but i did feel better, a lot better.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Anger grows in the bosom of fools

Photos are from Sydney Opera house
Is there really a St Anger? The title is from when I was in America, you see, I’m learning from myself.

So, more rants from the walk down memory road, now we are on Saturday night, in Sydney.

So I get myself in gear and head for the train station, and get on the train, and then I hear what seemed like an Irish accent, Cork? Wrong Tipperary, and a conversation envelops, Johnny was the fellows name, a butcher, is there any jobs in Melbourne, heaps I say, but I don’t know about your line of work, we do another kind of butchering where I work, maybe with all the people leaving, culling, would be the correct phrase?

I get to Edgecliff, and I walk, a woman pointed the way and off I walked, the walk resembled Rio in Brazil, the trees, the birds chirping away, but the place was way too clean, but I get there an din I went.

So, I meat the people I met in Brazil, I go for dinner with one of them, the highlight was on the back, one of the locals got out of a taxi, in leopard boots, i could have asked her if she was a ‘Cheater’, to which she undoubtedly was.

So in we walked, and the place is beginning to fill up with dickheads and the kind of people that would not make your day in any way.
So, I leave and I’m driven away from this place, so much for going to meet friends, so I rand Dean, from couch surfing and off I go to meet him.

So, I meet Dean, he’s a cool guy, a bit worse for wear, a big win on the horses, one of his mates, sister’s horse won, and they were celebrating in style in Woolloomooloo.

Russell Crowe owns an apartment there, there’s a famous burger joint, we go to Circular quay, I see the opera house and bridge, I’m back, it was good to see it again.

Then myself India, Drew go back to Drew’s $1000 a week apartment for a bit and then I make the journey back to Newtown, through Kings Cross, and that’s another story.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Shopping in the big smoke......flea market.

Myself and couch surfer Drew

Met some good Germans in the hostel, was there ever a bad one? Have a few beers, smoke and it was time for me to hit the streets to see what was going on.

The only place that had a band was charging $17 for the last hour; I declined, so I ended up in the Townie with 3 other chicks I met near the Enmore theatre.

So, here’s what happened, the girls had Irish parents, and before long we were rapping away, this was a good thing,

Now a word from Osho
Meditation is not a solution of any problem in particular; it solves nothing. It simply helps you to get rid of the mind, the problem-creator. It simply helps you to slip out of the mind like a snake slips out of the old skin. Once you know you are not the mind the great transcendence has happened. Suddenly all problems become insignificant; slowly, slowly they evaporate. You are left with a profound peace; a great silence prevails. This silence is the solution. This peace is the answer, the answer of all answers.

Foamiest beer i have ever seen, soon after, i drank it!!

So, had a good chat with the girls, in the Townie, one of them was cool, remembered talking to a vegan and then everyone departed.

Fast forward to when the sun came up (from wherever it was) and Kieran is on the mean streets and there is a market of sorts opposite the train station and much to your surprise folks, I start buying things, first off I bought 2 more scarfs, then I saw a woman look at a jumper, I said, ‘You’d better buy it, cos I will’, the customer (if she really was in the first place) took flight and I said the words and it was only $5 so I bought it, I do live in Melbourne, after all.

Then, I moved on, to browse, or what ever it is, people do, when they buy things that bring them happiness, and I was on fire. Next I bought a belt, a tacky one, but tacky cool, cowboy on a horse, $10, thank you.

King street shop, Newtown

Then, probably while I was chasing my tail, I spotted a woman looking at a book called ‘The book of answers’, so on closer inspection, I investigate this little known wonder of blinded pages. I ask the question ‘Will I find love this weekend’ and open it up, the reply is ‘Don’t bet on it’, I wasn’t, this book obviously have an awful lot to teach me, and I was transformed into a student, and I asked it another few questions and a pretty funny story began to unravel, great buy, $5.

Next I go on to a man selling shoes, eventually I see a pair, $10, I ask him how much would it cost to get them re-soled, to which he informs me, why bother, come back and get another pair off of me next week, that would be an expensive pair of shoes, the next day I bought sunglasses, shopping in the big smoke!

Lastly I bought a hat for one of the people I came to see, I bought one for myself too, I tried to get the price down, the chick needed the money for beer and weed, fair enough, I’d feel guilty haggling the price down there, she did agree with my parting comment of ‘Smoke weed everyday’

This was the shopping, so far so good.


Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Well, what happened on the weekend?

Photos are from around Newtown, Sydney

Ok, so. I get there, to the airport, I’m chatting to some English guy, I happen to say, ‘I hear all the gays moved into Newtown, it’s all changed now’, turns out he’s living in the Surry hills, major gay area, not a good move, but we kiss and make up, so to speak and I give the conversation the kiss of life, so to speak and we are going again, and then he was gone and I was gone.

[Readers note: To get a taxi, they get you to stand on your yellow square, monkey see, monkey do]
I stood on my allocated square, my taxi driver pulled up, I hoped in and we were off to my old stomping ground, what was left of it.

This dog before this photo wanted to lie on the road, everybody was roaring laughing!!!

So, I check into the local hostel, just around the corner from where I lived, The Billabong gardens, good location.

I went to the hostel and ring the bell, no answer, after 10 minutes of this, I go for a walk, who do I meet at the traffic lights, but Sonya, one of the El Crazys, from 8 years ago, and she still is mad. I saw the badly applied lipstick + makeup, with Doc Martins and it was like she was revealed to me.

One of the last times I was hanging out with her, was at a party in Erskinville years ago, she thought all the people at the party were stuck up cunts, so, she hijacked the potato salad and a spoon and proceeded to eat it, under the table, much to the confusion of everyone at the said party.

Some one had a video recorder, I got it all on tape, I was intervieving them under the table, I’m told it was very funny, I wanted a copy I remember I wanted a copy, but, no copy surfaced at least I tried?

The same Sonya would on a bus or in Pitt street (the major shopping street in Sydney), have a huge yelling match with her friend, hurling any verbal abuse at each other, just to see all the Sydney folks faces, it would have been priceless to see.

So then Sonya tells me, I was married [pause for 5 seconds], now I’m separated. Me too, I said, and then we roar laughing, still on the street.

Then she announces it was her birthday, so, in she goes to a restaurant and then the reunion was all over.
I remember knowing people in Newtown I could have a laugh with, but you could never depend on, in any way, she was one of those people and there was more, for a moment it was like I never left.
And then I went to check into the hostel, full of hope.
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