Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Chinese are invading!!!!

Foo dog

Now, I was on a tram the other day, the 96 to be exact, and after validating my ticket, I decided to sit down, no need to run, tram ticket inspectors cant hurt you when you have a ticket and it’s valid, so down I sat, and since I didn’t bother bringing my mp3 player, my ears began to pick up sounds, some were around me, the most obvious ones, coming from a bogan, drinking a beer, talking to a quiet Asian chick.

Highlights of this event included
1, The asian chick being repeatedly asked where she was going, to which she did not give an answer, to which he later announced, ‘I can show you where all the Asians are’, apparently they love Malls and it’s true, you never see them in Irish bars!

2, El bogan announced, ‘I can read people like a book, not many people can do it’, i’d say it was more accurate he reads pictures, the moving ones.
3, I’m just like you, I’m a people person, she wasn’t saying much.
4, Cooking? She told him she was going to eat pasta, he pipes up, ‘Do what I do, and go to the all you can eat in North Melbourne, for $20……..’ (did I tell you she was little?)

And on and on……….


I’ve been going on and on about Bogan bingo, and then I realised that people like that actually exist and it’s not that funny, if you grew up with this, and your family are like this.

And another point El bogan made was, ‘The Chinese are invading’, now this is something you will never read about in the paper, the paper might phrase it in a different way, so this is what the bogans are thinking, which is funny, to me.

Because the Eureka tower in the city, has some gold at the top of it, this is supposed to be for Chinese people, gold is a lucky colour and it’s a lucky colour so they will buy it, hence an invasion, of sorts.

Eureka Tower

My theory is, someone came into a room and saw the model of the building on a table and then they saw a post it note on the top with ‘Back in 10’ and thought, that’s cool and the idea stuck, so to speak, and the Chinese like it too.

There’s so many good ideas out there, what will they think of next? I’m all ears folks!

Eureka Tower

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