Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Denis Hopper and me

Denis Hopper's gone to the great gig in the sky

Saw the front page for Denis Hopper in todays paper, now he had to die sometime, they wrote, Exit Dennis Hopper, it's not clear he died, except i already knew he was on the way out, he divorced wife 3 in January, while he was very ill.

For some 5 years, in his past he drank 28 beers, a quart of Rum, 3 grams of coke for 5 years, that would be a long time before he got his act together, if he could do it and then not do it, maybe there's hope for everybody.

And it's funny how he exits, probably stage left, musicians have gigs, the rest of us have to be content with going to work.

Maybe i'll be encouraged in visiting the Dennis Hopper exhibit, maybe not, it costs $18 to boot and the Afgan cameleer exhibit is on and i know roughly nothing about that, so that would be better value for money, sorry Mr Hopper.

And to prove my point, I was talking to the chick checking tickets at the door, i was able to tell her things she didn't know, and she has seen the exhibit, like, you say?

Easy rider was made with the proceeds from the Monyies, hey hey we're the Monkies? Yep, them.

Dennis Hopper, cheers and thanks for everything and i dont know even the half of it.

It makes me laugh to think of Apocalypse Now, in that movie, he was whacked out drugged up the whole time, he wasn't even acting, that's just the way he was.

See what i mean?

True story, what more could you say?

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