Monday, 31 May 2010

Friday night, not at the movies, never the movies!!

Photos are from Lunch, last Thursday

So, I finished work on Friday, not that much was done, oh, it appeared like things were done, but things are never as they first appear.

So, after ringing all the boring, couldn't be bothered and hearing the one person that I’ve been told to not talk to was having their leaving drinks in the bar I was going to, to see the El Krazy Kat.

So after weighing all this up, I went walking towards the Samba class, confident I could find the place again, I went for a drink, Mc Mahons seemed like the logical place, after all the guy that runs the place knows my name, this is a bonus in a big city, for them and for me.

The Kiwi with attitude, she always threatens me with decaf coffee!!

So, I’m sipping a beer, some drunk chick breaks a big pot outside the door, I’m tempted to tell him about the time I met someone that told me how a dunk tourist got into a giant clay pot after being told not to do it, then they had to break the pot to get the tourist out, then the bar person that told the guy not to do it was being charged by their boss for breaking the pot to get them out.

Anyways I wanted to tell Steve (that knows my name) this, but it didn't seem like he was interested in hearing this.
So, sitting across the bar is Dave-the-Carlton-supported-Nightmare-when-drunk

So after a beer with Dave and his buddy, I go to Samba.
Dave is still moving furniture, traffic was so bad himself and his partner were drinking pints, and ignoring their phone calls, they had declared the working week over, even though their boss thought they were working in the other side of town.


I met up with Waterford Dave and proceeded to go on a pub crawl, the best place was La La Lounge, before that we were in some bar, warehouse, bales of hay that featured a mechanical bull where there was plenty of commotion, did I say there was 2 guys balls naked, who, proceeded to give the Bull a run for his money. I got plenty of photos on my phone, the only problem is getting them off of the phone, but you don’t need to see them (but they are really good, if not gay)

Note to the reader:
If there is to be a Brokeback mountain, I have some great ideas!

So after La La Lounge, we go to (phoney) Pony, I get refused entry first, then the bouncer changes, then I get in.

I say hello to David (Waterford) new house mate from Slovenia, she says, 'Sorry, we're here to pick up men', I had to laugh.
Then we are downstairs, I go out for a fag, I know I’m not going to be allowed back in, it's like that in the city, so I know that going out
While I was out, I’m talking to a guy, he's got lots of tattoos, he gives me the business card for his artist, then he gives me a 'Admit 2 free' for Hustler's strip bar
'I know all the girls and the people that work there', fair enough, I guess?

Vince, looking good in black and white

So, then I’m coming back in to the bar, I’m told you cant, so I go home and sleep and I was so glad, only because I had thinks to do the next day and I did them too, but first I needed sleep, no sheep.
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