Monday, 17 May 2010

Go West and it was done.

So, today I’m in a place called Yarraville. In a place of work, not the usual place of work, but the same screwing around, more hardware, less software, and now I’m looking out the window, this is not the usual case, but if you put me in front of a window, what do you expect?

And I was thinking, what should I write about, and then it came to me, an idea that is.

Since I’m doing testing here today, I tested out the idea, good idea, you say? Bad idea, I tested it out on a Kiwi, and they have no interest in this place.


So, let me paint the picture for you, I’m looking out the window (flash back to my school days and the crows would come into land after lunch to get any bits of food they could find, and did they, I should have worked in Cork Airport, helping those big birds down to ground level.

Anyways back to reality, now, looking out at the West gate bridge and sez I, the first time they built the West gate bridge, it fell down. Not much interest was generated (did I tell you we are doing electricity testing), in struts Matt Salsbury (stage right) and I test out this little tid bit, I test out the topic that was generating so much interest in my cranium.

Matt sets me straight, he tells me 33 people dies on that bridge, I thought it was 10, I was wrong; but only briefly, it fell down in October, 1970 to be reopened in 1978

What’s so good about this bridge you say, well I would like to point out it's the artery for Geelong (the place I used to tell people I was from, especially after a few beers, more on the side of too many, many years ago)
You can go to the zoo faster, you can drive to the beach, too many people, too cold, you can drive the Great Ocean road, and it’s not that great.
People from Geelong can come to Melbourne, is that a good idea?

Hmm, so what's the real benefit for this bridge now?

It's not like it's the Golden Gate bridge, no one died on that, but it's America's favourite place to end it all.

A guy base jumped off of the West Gate bridge a few years ago, the cops were waiting for him to come out, it was either down or up, or out, and they waited and he came out.

Matt said he researched the same story last week, but will he right or write about it, I will admit its impressive work, all in a day’s work you say.

The Village people recorded ‘Go west’ in the 70’s, maybe there’s a connection? Maybe it’s all their fault, some city planner heard this song in his head, after a big night out and had a big meeting the next day.

I’ll fill in the gaps now, he was asked if he had any ideas, to which he pointed at a map and said ‘Go West’, and there you go, 33 people died and bogans from Geelong are invading us and people

See for yerself, roll up, roll up, read all about it.


Oh yeah, they now want to spend 1.5 million on it, making it look pretty at night, I guess if it’s more important that homeless people, yeah

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