Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Highlights from the last 3 months

Suzie and Cat

Well, I supposed now your wondering, why this? Why now? Why exactly? Well, I’ll tell yea.
After being fed up with all the bullshit of fakebook (i.e. commenting on stuff, I feel so whity and pretty and wise, no one else share’s this opinion) I want to be productive, the animal in me, needs a voice, and this is it.

The universe has been sending me messages, oh, yes it has, and now I’m paying attention.

Last night I went to ‘The man in black’, the Johnny Cash story, one of the songs they sang was, ‘The beast in me’ and oh, I’d have to agree, he’s in all of us, especially me, and I have to control him.
Is the devil trying to get in or is he trying to get out, he’s defiantly trying to get out, thank you.
All too evident when you party like a rock star in South America

So to get back to the original story, what have I been doing, I’ve been working fo da man, bringing home the bacon, and sometimes bread.

Anyone Irish?

Other than that, I’ve been to all the major shows in Melbourne, I never wrote about them, the ones I can remember are Cats (and I’ll bet back to that) and Jersey Boys, i got a Miami story about that, met a guy who's auntie spent 2 million dollars on her 50th birthday, she had the Jersey boys and other broadway shows (after stalking them all over america on tour.

His brother got to bring his girlfriend, he didn't, he was so pissed, but, money is still money, to them rich folks, that's why they are rich in the first place.

Saw some shows as part of the Comedy festival, Jason Byrne and some actors playing funny songs in the Roxanne Parlour, the first hint I had they were not comedians was when I said something to them, and being disappointed with the blank look on the guys face, then my buddy Lua said, hey man, they are actors not comedians, funny that?

My mother saw Cats, when I was a kid, I got a key ring to prove it.

On the back it read
‘Sensitive and idealistic, the Piscean willie is naturally drawn towards women with a well developed intellect and big tits’

I was the coolest kid in school; my mother never saw it the back of it, when she bought it, the front looked normal enough though, just like me.

Oh, how revenge is sweet
Got the cheque, i did with those fuckers from Channel 7, Today tonight, over 3 years ago, about my dodgy landlors that stabbed me through the hand with a steak knife.

That will be all, for now.

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Mattyboombatty said...

hahah a good read! love that pic with the thats what I call a money shot!

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