Monday, 24 May 2010

A letter from Olaf

Photos are from Newtown, Sydney

As i probably pointed out, i love getting letters from my German (is he the best German in the world?)

He once pointed out, sometimes Kieran, i dont understand you and sometimes i dont want to understand you. Olaf, he's a class act!

hello friends,
after long,long time now a sigh of my life.
yes i still life.
i hop everbody is okay and enjoy the life.
the life can take hard but also so nice!!!!!!!!(i dont like to complain my life)
i think samebody can remember me,but we meet us when we travel on the whole world,from asia,to neuseeland,suedafrika,suedamerika or zentralamerika.
i travel now almost 15 year and then i meet a lot of diffrent peopel.
how is travel now and where?
mabay i can meet same!

after my 8 months trip last year to asia,i lost my job on germany for this year,i hop only for this year,i have a speziell contrakt,only 4 monhts.
(i hop the next year i can earn money,no moeny no travel)
after my asientrip,i spend only 4 weeks on my homecity and the i left agian.
this year i started from canada on direction suedamerika,but i dont know if i arive there.(no plan)
on this moment i spend 2 weeks on sfo,i like the city after i go to alaska for a wihle.(i have to go befor geting colder)
but canada and the usa,is so expensiv you spend a lot of moeny.(but i know this befor)
what is happed on neuseeland?
what take the dok on tasmanien(mabay i came to visit you next or after next year)
what is happend on japan?
eddi where you been now,still sumatra or australien?
where is the crazy irland guy?

how is teh weater on schweden and how was the musikparty on germany?(pam)
who is maried now and hat many cids?(bo)
okay,now i will finsh this mail,i wish everbody,good lucky and all the best.
enjoy the life and take care. ever agian,sory my teribel english,but i never studi english on the school.(i take and writen my own language)
you friend olaf

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