Wednesday, 26 May 2010

More tales from a far away land, Sydney

Photos are from Sydney

Well, I wrote this, so now, I’ll put it here too.

So, after leaving couch surfer Drew and India, the mission, get through the cross and here's what I wrote.

Went through the cross, Animals, saw cops, sniffer dog, it seemed like the world had gone mad, so I get a drink at the bottle shop and walk around and watch the madness, people screaming and running out on the road, and people in Melbourne think the city is bad at night, you wouldn't have seen this carry on a Safari in Africa.

I saw 2 guys walk up on the hills with some chick's high heels, someone was going home early that night, and maybe it would have been a good thing.

I eventually saw enough and went back to the hostel, met some girls coming back from the Enmore theatre, the security guard was giving out tickets, after the show and maybe that’s how I got talking to the girls, and then we were off for a drink in the local, for a bit.

I remember telling them, 'If these walls could talk, oh the stories', they were crazy ones.

Near where I was standing, I remember talking to a guy really drunk, I said to him, is that your phone, the phone was in front of him, he said 'Yes', well then, if that's your phone, someone's going to take it, he put it in his pocket and left, he might of been driving too, the drunk kind.
10 minutes later, one of the girls comes back and screams, 'Where's my phone?', the people around thought it better to not tell the whole truth, but it was a bit funny then.

I wonder if that chick would find it funny now.

So the next day, I checked into couch surfer Drew's place and we decided to venture out into the world, so over we went to Manly, VIA the ferry and took photos like they were going out of fashion and it was straight back to chill out, gourmet burger under the Coca Cola sign in the cross, TV and sleep, well I tried to sleep, and I saw the sun rise, well I was in the right place to see it.

So, it was back through Kings cross, I saw a syringe vending machine, never seen one of those before, passed through Oxford St, the gay centre of the gay friendly city.

I remembered a chick telling me when she first got to Australia, when she was 10, her parents were driving down Oxford St and they were stopped at traffic lights, when 2 guys (maybe they were gay) started leaning against the car kissing, her memory of that was her parents screaming, don’t look out, don’t look out!

So, I left and went for a walk about the town, got a free coffee, thanks Sydney, saw where the 'Chinese Laundry' club is, and walked over the bridge, wrong move.

I get half way over the bridge and I’m met by a guy half way over, he tells me go back, so I have to go back, back I go, to go under and across the other side.

So, yesterday I read a quote 'A happy person is someone that has to make a detour and enjoys the scenery on the way'

So for me, the thing that made my day, was all the white tiles in the under walk, people left their foot prints, so I did the same and got a photo too, maybe people in Sydney weren't that bad? I left my mark and went to see my old place of work, now it's called, my ex boss wasn't there, I got the ferry back to circular quay and had a $10 steak at the rocks and headed back to the real city, VIA the airport.

My offer of driven to the airport fell through, but what do you expect from Sydney folks?

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