Saturday, 29 May 2010

Reality bites

Photos are all from Melbourne, lunch time yesterday
Another happy camper consuming Don don's, now Don Don's consumes his lunch times

So, i get back to Melbourne, first day i'm back i go to the Opera, which one? Only the best one so far this year, Fledermaus, by the Composer: Johann Strauss
Have you heard of him? He must of praticed very hard as a kid, only coz it was very good, musically and the story line was only brilliant, very funny, it was so enjoyable, it didn't even feel like i was at the Opera, but i was boys and girls, oh yes, i was.

So, in i went to Gypsy bar and sez i, 'Come ere, Cathy, if you wern't such a bitch to me and if you didn't hate me so much, i would have bought you a lovley purse', all of this is true, except for the hate bit, i do like going there, but now i have to go to other places, only to mix it up a bit, words of the wise Osho, 'Only a crazy person does the same thing all the time and expect's differnt results', i believe, i believe.

Keeping it real

Gypsy bar Cathy is saying to me, 'Buy me a purse, i really need a purse, i really need one', the next day the woman that has the junk shop (one mans trash is another mans treasure) around the corner from me, is out selling again, she gives it to me, free of charge, it pays to talk to people and i do, i'm Fitzroyalty after all, one size fitz all, i found many treasures there, that purse was another one.

So the Spanish movie festival was on, is on, i saw Pagafantas (Friend Zone) on Monday, 15 +, i can do that, i am that, i am he, so i went and it was great, that was all i saw, which was a shame, but you cant do everything and be everywhere, unless you clone yourself and the clone does the work and you have all the fun, i suggested this to Stuart yesterday, and since sience can now create an artifical living cell, anything is possible, possibly?

But now for reality, and it bites.
But the day was sunny. maybe one of the last (i keep saying that, and the sunshine never stops), well anyway, met my buddy Dave (from Waterford on Sunday), i was feeling pretty tired, i felt like i was riding bulls all night, was it a dream? I do have a rodeo belt, apparently i wouldn't of had to buy it, if i was from Rodeo country in Queensland, i'm not, so i bought one, so what? It's tacky, cool, i like it!! Get it? I got it!!

So i'm out walking, i turn the corner, the woman around the corner is out selling her wares again, i got a purse for Cathy in Gypsy bar, she tells everyone i come in and drive her crazy, the truth is when she gets pissed off, she sounds like my sister Susan shouting at me, which is pretty funny, if your me, dont try this at home folks!!

What the fuck is he onabout now, you say? And how could you know, the blog is witten for me and not you, unless you click on ads that make me money, then it's for you too, and if you not doing anything except for reading pictures, feck off and learn to wread propper, your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberry juice. True story, and you read that one here first!!

Anyways, back to the story, met Dave from Waterford, broke all my rules, drinking with him, told my queen's pube story, his English housemate thought i was a dick, dick's have pubes too, it was a true story!!!!

At one point we were playing pool, Dave says i bet yea $10 you wont make that shot, i made another shot, not the shot he was thinking about, i didn't know that, i got the money straight away off of him, oh the laughs.

We laughed so much, it hurt, i missed the last train and got a taxi home, out drinking till 1am on a Sunday night and i though i was getting better?

Brown shoe day? The color cordination was amazing, even the leaves were all painted brown!

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