Sunday, 30 May 2010

So, everything has been figured out, except how to live.

Photos are from Sydney

So I got tired of being the big guy around the office and now I’ll think I’ll get all arty farty and write a few words.
A message to the universe, here it goes.

Highlights this week would include Matt, George some Columbian (guy that likes to sleep with his friends, female ones) and some other people's art exhibit in the Vineyard in St Kilda.

I was dead tired, the eye was twitching, I’m told I couldn't have been stressed, but I was in need of sleep, now I’ve gotten the sleep, 2 good stints of 8.5 hours, the twitch isn't too bad.

Did I say, my Krazy Kat friend, the English type told me not to talk to Matt, 'How would you feel if I hung out with your ex? Was the argument given, like I give a shit and I would spend any
Time talking about her, the whole world must revolve round her,

And then I thought of this song

It isn’t easy, living' like a gypsy.
Tell yaw, honey, how I feel.
I've been dreaming,
Floating' down stream and
Losing' touch with all that is real.
Whole earth lover, keeping' under cover
Never knowing' where yaw been.
You've been fading', always out parading.
Keeping' touch with Mama Kin.

So I had food at the Fox, on Wellington st, being served by the un-nameable dude that treated the English unspeakable, so badly, I never wanted to get involved with any of it, so I won’t bother now.
So, the lines were cleared, had the open Kangaroo steak sandwich (Sorry to Skippy’s cousin, you are much too tasty to be hopping around there, why don’t you hop in my belly and if you were there, you would have thought so too, it was GREAT!!

Then the lines were cleared, the best kind, the beer lines, meself and George got a free jug of brown Ale, I got talking to some chicks that considered them Wogs and Alcoholics, interesting, indeed.

Subscribed to a report that stated that China will be building 3 similar Sydney’s every year until 2030, and I went to Sydney 2 weeks ago and the Herald sun had an article on how Sydney rates better than Melbourne, pigs arse my dear man, and it never could, I would tell those boy's in China not to bother and maybe go home and have a good sleep for themselves.

Wheres the beef?

So I’m working hard, to appear like I’m working hard, appearances can be deceiving and I hope I am, really. Like a small fitting condom in a 3rd world country, where you think, it wasn't that much sperm.

Just lie that, you cant knock the hustle.


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