Friday, 28 May 2010

So, i got back from Sydney, much relieved.

Photos are from Sydney

We painted these green, Australia, you know what to do!!

I tell people i contemplated jumping off of the plane steps and kissing the ground, the landing gear came down as expected, the first time?

So, i'm chatting with a guy on the bus, he likes 30 Rock too, i give him my number, i have all 30 Rock, i get to the city, i'm too busy chatting to a chick, i nearly forget to validate my ticket, i validate my ticket.

I dont want any trouble, 5 minutes later, some ticket inspectors are hovering outside the tram, just before the doorws close they hop on, very sneaky, one of them blocks the machine, they check tickets, i've validated my ticket, they check everyone, somehow everybody's got a ticket, it's all good.

I get off at my stop, i see 4 kids hanging on to the back of the tram, a guy gets off at the same stop and says to me, 'I was crazy when i was young, but i wasn't that bad', back to the Melbourne vibe.

It was good to be back with real people, then i went to Brunswick st, i was very happy to be back.

Melbourne is the place to be alright

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