Friday, 7 May 2010

Some of the finer things in life.

Burning man, Melbourne

So, do you like the Opera boys and girls?

You do? Me too, why else would I go to all of them?

To name a few (the ones I can think of), I saw, Tosca, The Sleepwalker, bought my friend Kat a ticket for Tosca, spreading the culture, next we will be making cheese!

I saw Andreas, the distinguished talent, newly resident of Australia’s show, he did a ‘Around the world with $80’ about playing the fiddle, getting drunk and laid whenever he could, and he did, it would appear.

Mysterious men and their flying machine's?

So back to Tosca, I bought a ticket for my friend Kat, I thought we would be going the same night, but it would appear I got them a week apart, such as life, this life, in fact!

But I escorted her in the door, and here’s what happened.
Met an old woman waiting for the opera Tosca with Kat, the review in the paper for Andreas show (around the world with $80, remember? )featured Andreas head, which was looking up from the old woman’s bag and that’s how I got chatting to a very switched 84 year old, I wondered later if she had any grand daughters?

She told me about going to the Opera when she was a student in London, paying a shilling and running down to be in the front row, ducking under the electrical cables, oh I was buzzing after her, and she was off, the old lady, with the energy of a 19 year old. Do old people get cabin fever too?

She told myself and Kat about the production of Tosca, the actors got down to their under garments in the last scene, and you wouldn’t mind if they were slim, but they were rather large and fat, oh, she still had it and myself and Kat were loving it.

We met this old lady from Andrea’s head on the review section, sticking out of her bag.

Met another woman, Nina at the Fitzroy artist’s market, she told me that met the same Andresas, I probably thought of myself as being distinguished associating myself with actors, and it went a bit like this at the end.

She said: ‘Is his surname De Stack’,
Me: ‘Yeah’,
Her: ‘I was selling my stuff in South Melbourne markets and he came up and tried to kiss me’
Me: ‘Er, he’s a bit mad alright’

He sure is.

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