Friday, 14 May 2010

South Australia, Jervis bay and beyond

Photos are from The Burning man in Melbourne

So I get a response to go to Cape Jervis, how could I refuse? So I accepted, as it is outside of Adelaide and I called my host Paula and leave a message and then I send a text, a short time later she calls me and tells me she lost her phone and was on her way (if only I checked my email before leaving Kalgoorlie and my plane was delayed)

In the meantime I got talking to a security guy, he tells me Jervis bay is over an hour away, from where I was, to meet these couch surfers.

Now I’m thinking, they’re never driving over an hour to meet me , to pick up a couch surfer, but, yep they were and they did and in the meantime the Security guard tells me, because his friends and himself used to ‘Get up to no good’ in the train station, there is now a full time guard there, that’s his job, reporting younger versions of himself, behaving like himself, when he had his youth, dreams and probably, a full head of hair.

A job, you’d have to agree, he was more than qualified, my hosts roar up and we roar back to Jervis bay, no tax, no insurance, no police, no worries, and I meet Larz (Reference to the Metallica drummer) and a fisher man called Simon, who didn’t really know what to make of me and could you blame him?

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