Sunday, 16 May 2010

There are 6 million bicycles in Melbourne, or is it Bejing?

Future festival

So one fine night, last week, I’m waiting for a call that would never come, chit chatting in my local bar in Fitzroy.

And then, all of a sudden, I got a text message from out of the blue, you might say, from Andreas, '$77 for the lovely green bike', Kieran scratches his head, Hmmm?? And who comes rolling down the street on a lovely green bicycle, none other of course than the infamous 'Andreas de Stack', the extraordinary talent, Australia’s newest resident

Australia’s newest resident was going home, for 4 months, so he needed a buyer for this bike, the original price I will remind you was $200, then $160, then $120.

I sent him a text message 'I don’t want the bike because Cathy wants it for free and I don’t want to be barred from the bar'
I laughed sending that, because he would have read it and said 'Yerra feck Cathy, I want to sell it' and sell it he did.

A woman for all seasons!!

I gave him the $77, he wheeled it in the back of the bar, and that’s pretty much how I acquired my 2nd bike ever, in the Southern Hemisphere.

So Melbourne is going mad with bikes, I’m part of the problem, I’m here and I have a bike, and I was thinking about Beijing.

Continuing from the story 'The Chinese are invading', and the people explosion, the bicycle boom. If Beijing’s got 6 million bicycles, how many bicycles can you fit here, exactly?

What would the Aussie song sound like? Should i contact Freakonomics? Any ideas?

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Diana said...

Let's see the beautiful bike!

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