Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Well, what happened on the weekend?

Photos are from around Newtown, Sydney

Ok, so. I get there, to the airport, I’m chatting to some English guy, I happen to say, ‘I hear all the gays moved into Newtown, it’s all changed now’, turns out he’s living in the Surry hills, major gay area, not a good move, but we kiss and make up, so to speak and I give the conversation the kiss of life, so to speak and we are going again, and then he was gone and I was gone.

[Readers note: To get a taxi, they get you to stand on your yellow square, monkey see, monkey do]
I stood on my allocated square, my taxi driver pulled up, I hoped in and we were off to my old stomping ground, what was left of it.

This dog before this photo wanted to lie on the road, everybody was roaring laughing!!!

So, I check into the local hostel, just around the corner from where I lived, The Billabong gardens, good location.

I went to the hostel and ring the bell, no answer, after 10 minutes of this, I go for a walk, who do I meet at the traffic lights, but Sonya, one of the El Crazys, from 8 years ago, and she still is mad. I saw the badly applied lipstick + makeup, with Doc Martins and it was like she was revealed to me.

One of the last times I was hanging out with her, was at a party in Erskinville years ago, she thought all the people at the party were stuck up cunts, so, she hijacked the potato salad and a spoon and proceeded to eat it, under the table, much to the confusion of everyone at the said party.

Some one had a video recorder, I got it all on tape, I was intervieving them under the table, I’m told it was very funny, I wanted a copy I remember I wanted a copy, but, no copy surfaced at least I tried?

The same Sonya would on a bus or in Pitt street (the major shopping street in Sydney), have a huge yelling match with her friend, hurling any verbal abuse at each other, just to see all the Sydney folks faces, it would have been priceless to see.

So then Sonya tells me, I was married [pause for 5 seconds], now I’m separated. Me too, I said, and then we roar laughing, still on the street.

Then she announces it was her birthday, so, in she goes to a restaurant and then the reunion was all over.
I remember knowing people in Newtown I could have a laugh with, but you could never depend on, in any way, she was one of those people and there was more, for a moment it was like I never left.
And then I went to check into the hostel, full of hope.

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