Saturday, 22 May 2010

When in doubt, write

Photos are photos Saira uploaded on Facebook, cheers girl!!!

Saira is coming to Oz, to save the day, well at least she's moving!!!

So, i met Leanne at ABC gallery last night and i left my bag at there, now i have to go back there, it just so happens they have another movie on, is the universe trying to tell me something?

So, what else happened, i went and checked out a bang in The Old bar, my first time, since i've been back.

The last time i was there i met some girl, one of their friends broke up with an Irish guy, there was lots of crying, the woman that cleans the coffee machine was telling me about Leonard Cohen ' Ain't No Cure For Love', so check it out.

Anyway the friends of the crying chick, must be nearly 4 years ago were eying me suspucialy, not last night, it was all rock and roll, well the last band anyways.

Back to the woman that cleans the coffee machine, i was telling her Keith Richards has only 1 rule, dont mix the grape and the grain, i mixed the grape and the grain, was i looking for trouble?

Then it was time for Bar Open, to get drunk and maybe get laid, but one thing at a time, multi tasking was never really my thing.

So i woke up and came to work, had cereal (all the things you dont want to read about in someones blog), but whats difernt here is i never ate cereal before, before tuesday, the socceroos were doing their 'We're all going to the world cup, so would you like a bowl of cereal', i did and now i'm hooked.

Before it was al boost shakes, Sushi rolls, hot hot chili. Have i mended my ways.

So, i'm at work and i do all this morning stuff, coffee, yes, quick look at what it says in the papers, of course, why not?

Then i go looking for the chick that complained about me, probably because i commented on her R and B music, went looking for her, couldn't find her, so i wrote this


I've been up looking for you twice this morning, in relation to the feedback you gave Sarah in relation to the work i did for you.

Now, i went to see a movie last night, I'm told it was good, at 8.45pm i set a reminder for myself, 'Talk to Genevieve about the complaint', i did not find anything remotely funny, everyone was laughing, funny eh?

Sarah has instructed me not to talk to you about this complaint you made, but i will fill you in on a few things, no one else has complained about my work while working here, but now your leaving, you are the first.

A, It appears, the work i did for you was wrong
B, I complained about working with you and Soumya, i didn't want to do the work?
C, I was given no example of what i did wrong, my manager didn't take the time to verify any of you claims

I expect you to come to me and give me a full explanation during work hours today, i can call you over the weekend, if you prefer, i might refer this to Sulu if i do not hear back from you.

I did 1 days work for you, i would love to know how you found so many things to complain about?

I look forward to hearing from you

This must of worked, because i'm pulled into a meeting, to discuss the matter with my manager and told not to talk to that person, and i could see them from where i was sitting, but i did feel better, a lot better.

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