Thursday, 3 June 2010

Casablanca in the cold

Photos are from Sydney
So, since I’ve last left you, let me explain a few things, so anyways, I put the good word out in the city, through couch surfing, which word, the F word that makes people Flock, like flies, on shit.

That word of course is Free, and it was all going down, down, down, down, in Docklands.

Enter stage left (no exiting for me, not yet anyways) and for my first trick, I had 'Fosh and chops' (with no Kiwi, she was on her way), overpriced from the Chinese family, the proud tradition of serving Dim Sims and General Choy Chicken is but a dream, now it's seagull food and fat kid food all the way, did I say I was starving?

I could have ate a farmer’s arse.

So, who did you go to the movies with Kieran, since I’m an adult now, this seems like all the go, Casablanca was on, did I tell you I’m a huge Humphrey Bogart fan, did I tell you? No? And I was Joined by Erin AKA Erin Infection (Roller derby fan), all the way from New Zealand, just recovered from her party on Saturday, she spent the subsequent time being as sick as a small hospital, she is too kind with her time if you ask me, I normally couldn't give a shit about hospitals and the people in them, but enough about me.

So, I give out the details, about Casablanca, movie's on, yeah, yeah, it's indoors, it's not cold at all.

Old hands, the first one was stolen, so they got another one, clever he?

Erin shows up 5 minutes after me, I eventually found the place, the place wasn't indoors at all, in fact it was very outdoors, so outdoors in fact, it would give (Couch surfer) David's comment
'Why don’t they do it in summer?' at lot of credibility, now that I think about it, so anyways, it was all romantic, Erin's not enjoying it as much as she should.

She rightly points out, it's cold, I say 'Not if you put your hands in here (between my legs)', Erin looks like she's seen the pit of hell and takes my word for it, things were going swimmingly, or so I thought?

Erin, tells me, she went home after work, she could have gotten a jacket, she had a hat, I pointed out, 'If it aint on, it aint on', we both had hats, maybe we were being too cautious? I was getting strange looks, but I’m used to that sort of thing, anyways, it continues......

I told Erin, 'If we were hobos, we could do this every night', she says 'No, way', I tell her, 'I can get you a sandwich and a cup of soup from the man in the van', she starts laughing
The movie was already, not loud enough, if looks could kill, well we probably would have been swimming for it.

I mention, when Erin pointed out how cold she was that we could go swimming later, if looks could kill, I would have been swimming for it, she's not from Melbourne, if she was from Melbourne she would have had a jacket, was this a lesson? Was the humour lost on this Kiwi? Was it cruel fate? Or just the price of going to a movie with an Irish man?

I know what your thinking, when did he become a man? Your guess is as good as mine, if I say it and no one laughs, it must be true, or funny.

The laughs were over in the end, they always are, I caught up with Couch surfer I was supposed t meet at the tram stop, and I went home to watch some crazy Arrested Development, I love that Joe character, I’d love to do his 'Oh yeah, I’m here with my $6000 suit.....' routine in work, or hear someone do it, that would be good.

Back to the movie, one of the last scenes was class, the Germans are singing their song, and the trouble maker comes and sings his song, which happens to be French, Viva la fonce, quite true, very emotional stuff and that was the beginning of the end, all's fair in love and war. My German friend didn't seem to preturbed by the whole thing, maybe he's been watching too much American Idol, is it in Germany? Ask google, he sez.

Oh, boy, and i remember Germany, won the Eurovision, who wants it anyways? But check this out,

You have to laugh folks, and thats why your reading this.

Here's looking at you kid!!

No farmers were hurt in the writing of this post

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