Saturday, 12 June 2010

Dweller's in the cellar

Happy daze in Rio

Hey dweller's in the cellar, the game is up, move to higher ground!!!

So i see Clara, Faiz's girlfriend, we are at ABC gallery last night, Faiz has gone to work, she has a problem, and an awesome movie was about to start.

She begins Do, you know Damo? Of course, i met him in Rio! She has a problem, Damo's brother is full of, well spunk i guess and now the game is all fucked up (like my French?)

Well, it turns out the Damo's bro, lets call him Mr X, is an ass-piring writer, cruzing for a bruising more like, well anyways he was staying in a warehouse (not a whore house although there is a lot of women living there, i do not know how they fill in their Tax forms, so let's deal with the facts)

So, you should always write about what you know about, this was Mr X's dilemma on Friday night.
As it turns out the local councils don’t want people living in Warehouse type of accommodation, they come around looking for them, 'Is anyone in there? Come out or i'll huff and puff!!


They send them notices, give them huge fines, now Mr X and his buddy wrote a good article about it to tell everyone about this popular illegal activity, spilling the beans, so to speak.

The scene from the movie 'Blazing saddles' comes to mind, the fart scene, quite possibly the funniest fart scene, seen, heard and smelt, to the lucky, possibly?

The article, smells like teen spirit?

All i know is, the people that live in these warehouses (Do people live in Whorehouses?) want to harm Mr X for drawing light to them, and blowing the whistle on their lives, possibly supplying evidence to be used in a court of law.

Another side of Rio

Now there is calm, and this is the worrying thing, the calm before the storm, what’s coming? None of the dwellers know, my advise is for them to take to higher ground, maybe build an ark? Live in the trees, no one would think of looking for them there!!

What to do? Clara wants to punish the evil doers, but she wants like i suggested to punish and teach them a lesson.

All i know i a lot of women are devoting time from their precious youth in search of the answer to this pressing question. Mr X wasn't even paying to stay, oh the wrath he's brought on himself!!!

Stay tuned!!!

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