Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Each letter tells a story

Women got the vote in Melbourne, and they got a sculpture to prove it!!!

Lessons from Russell Brand

So, while I was away, I started doing a bit of reading, among other things, I read Russell Brands My Booky Wook, maybe he should have called it 'I cant believe I didn't kill myself or no one killed me', you have to admire the guy all the same, how he could admit contained within the book covers, some good material/stories, inspirational?

There is hope for everybody.
Mr Brand used to have a smoke with a guy in school and he would always say interesting things like, has a drag, points at a building as says
'Every building was once an idea in someone’s head, then it was a drawing and then it was build, so it all starts with the idea, if you have an idea, you can do anything', how cool?

I was watching a bit of TV, as you do, when your not up for doing activities (and I wasn’t) anyways the name 'Australia' is actually directions, it means 'East to wards the golden sun where the gold is',

I remember the guy on tv explaining the meaning, the first part was 'AU=Gold', ST, I think was South, and I cant remember the rest and Google searching it doesn't help either, maybe it's a little known story, 'Each letter tells a story' the man said, how right he was.

And I was thinking the Chinese name for Australia translates to 'Mountain of gold', when New South Wales split from Victoria, they announced a gold strike in Ballarat, the day after of course.
It was Chinese’s miners found gold in Ararat, they kept it to themselves of course, and there was hell to pay when the locals found out about this, wasn't too good for the Chinese.
There was a 10 pound tax on any captain that brought Chinese people to Melbourne at the time, the same time they pad any English 10 pounds to come here, the English people had to stay 2 years, quite a challenge, hence the '10 pound Pom' and 'Winging Pom', when they got here, they wanted to go home.

Pom, i looked it up, here's what google said
Either comes from 'prisoner of mother England' or pomigranite - a reddish coloured fruit that native Australians (Aboriginals) thought had a similar colour to the skin of sunburnt Brits. Not meant to be an insult (as some English think for some reason), merely a nickname for our less-tanned former rulers. Nicknaming everything is very Australian.

The example, given, i love it!!

Pom: 'Oi, convict, get your shit stars off our flag!'
Aussie: Fuck off pom, get your shit cricketers off our cricket ovals and give us our fucking ashes - they've been ours since 1989!'

Moving on, I got tons of movies from the library, one of them was 'Looking for Alibrandi', apart from being a good movie, the scene where she is at her dad's place was the balcony above where I worked in Sydney at Start.com.au (now no longer, another .com story, worked out well for me, and I’m still here!!)

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